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Average Business Analyst Salary In US in 2024

February 26, 2024
Business Analyst Salary In US

An average Business Analyst’s Salary in the US is around $81,300 (₹ 66,70 lacs) per year for an individual. However, the average salary is based on the report in 2024 of more than 20,000 salaries. The average salary is dependent on many factors such as the company profile, location, experience, skills, and many other things. The one-year compensation of the Business Analyst is also around $3,700 as a cash benefit and the noncash benefits can include the benefits. 

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Furthermore, the 2019 report reveals that top multinational corporations earn 7-25% more than employees in small businesses. In this article, we will be discussing the Business Analyst Salary in US, as this would be helpful for you to plan your career.

What Do Business Analysts (BAs) do?

The main responsibility of the Business Analyst is to process, interpret, and document the processes, products services, and even the software with the help of data analysis and this would be to help the businesses to maximize their efficiency. Moreover, they can serve the IT business. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the demand for business analysts in the United States is expected to increase by 11% by 2029.

Business Analyst Salary in USA on the Basis of Experience:

Being a business analyst can help you to earn more if you have a good level of experience, during the recruitment process and the salary negotiations, it is vital for you to stay updated with the salary of the business analyst in the USA. this could help you to make a more informed decision. The table below gives you a reference of how much the business analyst can earn:

Experience LevelYearly Salary (USD)Monthly Salary (USD)Weekly Salary (USD)Daily Salary (USD)Hourly Salary (USD)
Entry Level:$40,000$3,333$769$110$14
Mid Level$75,000$6,250$1,442$206$26
Senior level$87,340$7,278$1,678$239$30

Business Analyst Salary in USA Based on Companies

The compensation of a business analyst in the United States might be estimated based on the size and profile of the organization. The following table of firms and their respective salaries for business analysts. 

CompanyAverage Salary (USD per annum)
Tech Innovators Inc.$111,394
Financial Wizards LLC$115,598
Strategy Masters Ltd.$100,345
Enterprise Giants Corp.$87,373
Global Solutions Ltd.$104,000
IT Titans Co.$90,503
Finance Leaders Inc.$88,744
Pharma Powerhouses Inc.$94,207
Banking Titans Inc.$89,230
Auto Industry Leaders$93,091
Retirement Solutions$94,450
Electronics Innovations$92,106
Energy Giants Inc.$97,509
Biotech Innovators Inc.$92,304
Automobile Pioneers Inc$89,034
Consulting Powerhouses$87,002
Management Gurus Inc.$120,461
IT Innovations$82,409
Financial Titans Inc.$87,285
Consulting Leaders$79,321

Business Analyst Salary in USA Based on Location

Location is another important key factor that influences the salary of the business analyst as the first factor is experience. Nevertheless, you can expect to earn more in New York as compared to any other city. Thus, in a metropolitan city, you can earn more than someone who has been working in a remote area. Here is the description of the city where you can expect to earn:

LocationAverage Salary (USD per year)
New York (NY)$97,201
Houston (TX)$92,840
Plano (TX)$85,659
Chicago (IL)$79,947
Tampa (FL)$76,750
Atlanta (GA)$73,232
Dallas (TX)$72,309
Phoenix (AZ)$71,873
St. Louis (MO)$70,276
Frankfort (KT)$70,099
Boston (MS)$69,700
Trenton (NJ)$69,450

Other Factors Affecting Business Analyst Salary in USA

There are so many factors that influence the average Business Analyst Salary in USA, you can check some of the factors below to know how salary can be influenced:

  1. The working hours of the business analyst can influence the salary. As you work for 8-9 hours a day it means you have been working for 40 to 50 hours in a week, you will get a much higher salary. Overall the working hours matter when it comes to the salary of the business analyst.
  2. The company which works with just 10-50 employees, will give a business analyst around $50K to $75K, whereas, in a company with 200 – 1000 employees, the business analyst earns $75K to $110K. It depends on the company size to determine the Salary.
  3. If an average Business Analyst Salary in USA is $10,000 per year, then the following would be the tax deductions.

What skills affect the Business Analyst’s Salary in US?

If you can master the skills that can be helpful for you to be a Business Analyst, then you can get a lot of job offers with a higher salary. Here are the skills that affect the Business Analyst’s Salary in US:

  1. Technical Skills

If an individual chooses to study in USA, You might have a better proficiency level in many languages such as Python, Oracle, and R, these are helpful for you to improve your overall salary levels in the US.

  1. Communication Skills

As we all know the importance of clear communication, as a business analyst you would be able to have a lot of ideas and be able to collaborate with the team members, stakeholders, and all other people of the company. You would be able to provide a solution and this would be helpful to have a higher earning potential.

  1. Analytical Skills

It is vital for a business analyst to have Analytical Skills which could be beneficial for you. This skill is effective for promoting the business solutions that are important for the clients and the stakeholders of the company.

  1. Decision-Making Capabilities

Business analysts must be able to make informed decisions because their actions have a direct impact on business results. Candidates who lack this competence risk falling behind in a competitive market that requires quick and effective decision-making.

  1. Managerial Skills

Managerial talents, which combine problem-solving, planning, and evaluation abilities, are required to control the full business analysis process. Candidates with management skills can handle complexity and produce successful outcomes, which affects their earning potential.

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Business Analysts (BAs) in the USA earn an average salary of $81,300 per year, ranging from $50,270 to $116,380. They process, interpret, and document business processes, products, services, and software through data analysis, helping businesses maximize efficiency. The demand for business analyst jobs may rise to 11% in the US by 2029. Entry-level salaries range from $40,000 to $65,000, with up to an 8% bonus. Mid-level salaries range from $75,000 to $90,000, with up to a 10% bonus. Senior-level salaries range from $95,000 to $115,000 with up to a 15% bonus. Companies with corresponding salaries include UKG, Moody’s Corporation, Sabre, Enterprise Holdings, TCS, Cisco Systems, SunTrust, Merk, Bank of America, Ford Motor Company, TIAA, Philips, Pacific Gas and Electric, Amgen, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Deloitte, McKinsey & Company, Infosys, JP Morgan Chase & Co, and Accel.


What is the average salary range for a Business Analyst in the United States?

Generally, the average Business Analysts salary is between $60,000 to $110,000 annually, depending on factors like experience, location, and industry.

Do Business Analyst salaries vary by location within the US?

Absolutely Yes, salaries can differ significantly based on location. For instance, Business Analysts in tech hubs like Silicon Valley or New York City tend to earn higher salaries compared to those in smaller cities or rural areas.

What factors influence the salary of a Business Analyst?

The main factor that influences the salary are the Experience level, educational background, industry, company size, and geographic location are key determinants of a Business Analyst’s salary.

Are there opportunities for salary growth in the field of Business Analysis?

As Business Analysts gain more experience, develop specialized skills, and take on leadership roles, they often see significant salary increases. If you stay updated with the latest technology, you will have a great chance of earning more.

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