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Scholarships In USA For Indian Students(2024)

February 24, 2024
Scholarships in USA

The United States hosts premier academia tempting ambitious Indian learners despite high study costs. However, numerous generous financial aid programs exist, facilitating world-class American qualifications. This guide explores top scholarships for Indians accepted into renowned US universities across undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In order to explore some of the most lucrative scholarships out there, tread on this journey with Admissify and read on. 

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Section 1 – Need-Blind Undergraduate Scholarships

Cornell University Tata Scholarships

Cornell’s philanthropic Indian founder set up a $25 million annual education trust to fully fund impoverished yet high-achieving Indian nationals through diverse Ivy League bachelor’s degrees. Selecting only 20 students yearly, aid varies by need but guarantees architecture program support for eight semesters.


  • Indian citizenship and schooling
  • Cornell admission
  • Significant financial hardship

Apply during fall for the December selection round. Exceptionally bright, disadvantaged Indian students gain life-changing access to Cornell’s cutthroat programs in engineering, sciences, humanities and more.

Section 2 – Graduate Scholarships Through Non-Profits

Rotary Ambassadorial Financial Support

As one of the largest privately funded scholarship series worldwide, Rotary International’s Ambassadorial offerings enable Indian graduate scholars to study in whichever countries host local Rotary networks through year-long or longer grants.


  • Completed undergraduate education
  • Active Rotary chapter endorsement

Disabled applicants also receive accommodation. Submit Rotary Club applications early to allow sufficient overseas application planning time pre-studies.

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Section 3 – US Government-Backed Scholarships

Hubert Humphrey Program

This American grant supports global master’s and doctoral candidates, particularly targeting socioeconomically disadvantaged and ethnic minority populations lacking proficiency for direct US university enrollment. Alongside living stipends, the program fully funds course registration, materials, healthcare, and more.


  • Must first complete intensive English training
  • Good prior grades are mandatory
  • Exclusive to Indians

Fulbright-Nehru Master’s and Doctorate Grants

Recent Indian graduates or young professionals can access generous Fulbright funding toward one year of US postgraduate education across nearly every academic discipline. Grantees gain practical exposure to American advancements to contribute back home.


  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • 55% minimum grades
  • Some professional experience preferred
  • No prior American degree

Give back through Indian community development to boost the selection likelihood for this prestigious US government-backed opportunity. Cast wide program search nets and target specialized niches.

Section 4 – Early Undergraduate Financial Aid

International Education Financial Aid Scholarship

Rather than loans saddling families, this scholarship fund gifts annual amounts up to $20,000 toward American college for deserving adolescent Indians. Candidates must display balanced academic and extracurricular records warranting investment in their undergraduate journeys.


  • Aged 14-18 years
  • Completed secondary school
  • Guaranteed program admission
  • Documented financial need

Section 5 – Women Scholarships

AAUW Fellowship Support

Among relatively few female-exclusive offerings, the AAUW scholarship series aids Indian women scholars under age 30 seeking to enrich global knowledge through US-based research or graduate studies for up to five years. Field focused, merit factors, and funding levels depend on program types.


  • Indian citizenship mandatory
  • Consistent academic honors
  • Research alignment

Section 6 – Corporate Scholarships

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai MBA Scholarship

Through India’s largest private company, this specialized grant covers nearly 80% of 

Stanford’s MBA costs for deserving low-income Indian candidates committed to returning home post-studies. Backed by Stanford’s career outcomes and alumni networks, graduates gain global business leadership skills benefiting Indian economic progress.


  • Admission into Stanford MBA
  • Proven financial need
  • Academic excellence

Indian students stand disproportionately disadvantaged in overseas education access, though many funding opportunities exist to bridge the gap. Research intensified in grades 11 and 12 helps strategize robust long-term aid plans for realizing career dreams through premier US degrees otherwise out of reach.

How to Get a Scholarship in the USA for Indian Students?

Steps Indian students can take to effectively secure scholarships for higher education in the USA:

  1. Research Extensively: Begin researching 9-12 months before applying to identify scholarships offered by universities, the US government, funding bodies, etc. Shortlist relevant ones based on your profile.
  2. Refine Applications: Analyze eligibility criteria for shortlisted scholarships to tailor your applications accordingly. Prepare focused essays, statements, and updated recommendation letters oriented toward each scholarship’s specifications.
  3. Take Standardized Tests: Give mandatory entrance exams like SAT, GRE, and GMAT at least 6 months in advance for inclusion in scholarship applications as most require high test scores.
  4. Establish Financial Need: Many scholarships are need-based so establish and document your limited financial capacity to afford overseas education through official declarations of income, assets, etc. from accountants and government entities.
  5. Apply Strategically: Prioritize scholarship applications before university admissions to avail confirmations first and anchor funding. Apply to multiple back-ups and less competitive scholarships too rather than relying on one option alone.
  6. Demonstrate Worthiness: Apart from grades, emphasize extracurricular excellence, achievements, leadership credentials, and career goals post-study that merit investment by funders through compelling essays and interview conversations.

Planning early by targeting Merit-cum-Means based funding, acing standardized exams, and conveying individual potential both academically and socially is key for Indian students to secure generous scholarships facilitating world-class American education.

Documents needed to submit a scholarship application:

  1. An LOR (letter of recommendation)
  2. Motivational letter
  3. Statements of finances or documentation of low income (for scholarships based on income).
  4. Letter of acceptance.
  5. Evidence of your accomplishments
  6. You must to have completed your 12th grade with honours. Those with higher scores will be given preference. Participating in extracurricular activities and volunteering are bonus points that can be applied toward a scholarship. Candidates who can bring value to their institution are sought after by universities.

How to submit a scholarship application:

  1. Look into and make a shortlist of many scholarships.
  2. Verify the requirements for eligibility before applying.
  3. assemble the paperwork needed for the application.
  4. Make sure your application is ready.
  5. Send in your application.
  6. To find out the status, follow up with the university.


The United States is known as the land of opportunity all over the globe. Home to one of the most esteemed educational models, the U.S. stands out because of its emphasis on holistic and comprehensive learning. After having a look at the scholarships stated above, we hope that you plan your study abroad journey with Admissify soon. We help build the most well-rounded profiles that leave a lasting impact and invite admit letters. In order to get your free profile evaluation, contact Admissify today!


What are the best scholarships for Indians to study in the US?

Some top scholarships include Fulbright-Nehru, Tata Cornell University, Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship, Rotary Ambassadorial, and AAUW International Fellowships.

How many scholarships can I get in the USA?

Scholarship amounts vary widely from partial tuition waivers worth $5,000 per year to fully funded scholarships covering tuition, living costs, healthcare, and airfare amounting to over $50,000 per year depending on specific funders.

What percentage of international students get financial aid in the USA?

Roughly 43% of all international undergraduate students and 63% of graduate students receive some form of financial aid from US colleges and external fund providers.

Which exams help get scholarships in the USA?

High standardized test scores in SAT, GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL/IELTS examinations significantly improve chances of securing merit-based undergraduate and graduate scholarships in the US.

Can Indian students work part-time in the USA on scholarships?

While scholarships have limitations on working, international students on F-1 visas can work up to 20 hours weekly on-campus jobs during semesters and full-time during vacations facilitating self-funding.

How do I write essays to win USA scholarships?

Scholarship essays require highlighting academic and leadership qualities, specific career goals, demonstrating grit to overcome challenges and clearly conveying why you merit the award over other candidates. Distinctiveness is key.

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