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Summer Intake in Canada 2024: Deadline & Top Universities

October 11, 2023
Summer Intake in Canada

Are you curious to know how to apply for Summer intake in Canada? Admissify is here to help.  Canada is a popular destination for overseas students because of its welcoming culture, stable economy, and excellent educational opportunities. Canadian universities have what is called “Intakes,” which might be thought of as “semester starts.” Because of the high volume of applications from students worldwide, institutions often have more than one intake per year. Also known as May or Spring intake, the academic year concludes with the Summer Intake in Canada. Only a few universities admit students for this intake, and their programs are largely short-term courses, degrees or certifications, and summer vocational programs. This intake is ideal for foreign students whose applications have been postponed due to delayed results or personal circumstances. 

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Deadlines For Summer Intake In Canada 2024

Canada’s May 2024 intake has a deadline of late February or early March. The submission deadline may be found on the respective university’s website. You will need a student visa and be prepared to take standardized examinations if you want to apply to a Canadian university for the May intake in 2024.

April to June 2023Do your homework and make a list of schools that offer the major you’re interested in studying. Verify that the university of your choice has a valid DLI registration as well.
June to August 2023A large number of colleges and universities have a first-come, first-served admissions policy. Once you’ve decided on the colleges you want to attend, it’s important to maintain tabs on the many requirements you’ll need to meet in order to get admission. 
September to November 2023 Prepare your personal statement and letters of recommendation in advance of receiving your scores, and then begin applying to colleges. Be sure to show up for any and all admissions interviews. Please wait for an acceptance letter from the university you applied to and respond to it by the due date. 
November to February 2023Prepare your personal statement and letters of recommendation in advance of receiving your scores, and then begin applying to colleges. Be sure to show up for any and all admissions interviews. Wait for an acceptance letter from the university you applied to and respond to it by the due date. 
February to April 2023Your next step, after getting your acceptance letter, should be to apply for a student visa. The Canadian Visa Office accepts both electronic and paper applications for student visas. Get the visa interview over with as quickly as possible.
April to May 2023Once you have your visa in hand, plan out your lodging and transportation, purchase your plane tickets, and plan your departure for at least a month before the start of classes. Be sure to have a debit or credit card that can be used internationally to cover your charges.

Courses For May Intake In Canadian Universities

Most universities just provide certificate programs, short-term courses, or diplomas in their summer intake in Canada. A wide variety of programs in management, history, engineering and technology, the arts, medicine, languages, business, environmental sciences, and management are accepting applications for the next May intake: 

Concordia UniversityChemistry, Biochemistry, Journalism, Exercise science, communication studiesNovember 1
University of AlbertaAnthropology, History and classics, interdisciplinary studiesOctober 1
University of ManitobaArchitecture, Agricultural and food scienceApril 8-10
University of OttawaNeuroscience, cellular and molecular medicine, Microbiology, Immunology, BiochemistryJanuary 1
Lambton collegeMarketing and finance, IT, Tourism and culinary, Design & Creativity, Business, Engineering, Hospitality, science coursesDecember 31

Other Top Universities To Apply For In Canada:

The precise application deadline is subject to change per the institution’s policies. The university’s website is the best place to check for new information.  

Essential Documents For Application For Summer Intake In Canada 

In Canada, the September and January intakes are when most students apply. Therefore, the admissions procedure for the incoming class of May will be simple. Here are some of the required paperwork and eligibility requirements:

  • Application fees
  • Student permit based on program
  • Academic transcripts  
  • Statement of Purpose  
  • Standardized test scores
  • Academic letter of recommendation  
  • Professional letter of recommendation
  • Proof of financial stability
  • Health insurance 
  • CV/ resume
  • Immigration documents
  • English proficiency test scores of IELTS / TOEFL  
  • Work experience letters

You can contact Admissify for more relevant information regarding Summer Intake in Canada.

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What is the deadline for Spring/Summer intake in Canada? 

One must keep a watch for the applications right from September 2023 till February 2024 when most of the applications close. In the meantime, you must keep your documents ready and must have your test scores to prevent any hassles.

What examinations must one take to apply for May Intake in Canada? 

Depending on the University and course you’re applying for, you must be ready to appear for the GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, and SAT two months prior to the application process. Determine prior to application the tests that your targeted universities require. 

When to start applying for summer intake in Canada? 

It is always advisable to start the application process a year in advance to prevent end-moment hassles. Moreover, it may take time to secure an adequate score in tests for the best universities thus, early preparations always help in better chances of securing desired courses. 

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