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Winter Intake In Germany 2024: Deadline and Top Universities

August 21, 2023
Winter Intake In Germany

Germany, being one of the most sought-after countries when it comes to education, receives countless applications from students abroad. To regulate the whole admission process, Germany intakes students in the summer as well as the winter, giving students more chances to land a seat at those renowned and brilliant universities.

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A student is expected to research both summer and winter intake in Germany and weigh their options, preferences, and requirements. It might seem similar except for the time difference; summer intake in Germany and winter intake in Germany have their differences. Let’s get into it.

Why Consider Winter Intake in Germany?

The primary intake is the winter intake, and we will get into the reason why.

  • The foremost advantage of the winter intake is that almost all universities are open for admission during this intake, and most of the courses are available.
  • Since the acceptance rate is higher, the size of classrooms is larger, which means more chances of interaction and networking as well as more exposure.
  • Taking admission during this period gives plenty of time to take part in extracurricular activities as well as join organizations and clubs.
  • There are more options to gain jobs on campus and internships this semester because it is the primary intake and the academic year commences this semester.

One thing to keep in mind is that the competition is higher, so getting a seat at your preferred university can be difficult. Finding a place for accommodation will be a challenge because of competition, and it might take time to adjust for international students during the low temperatures of the winter.

 In case you missed the winter intake application process, there is no need to panic because you get another chance to apply during the summer intake. Learn all about summer intake here (insert link).


Application Dates/Deadlines for Winter Intake in Germany

EVENT DATE              
Application DeadlineEarly May to  mid-July
Classes Commencement September/October
Letters of AcceptanceAugust/September

The deadlines can vary depending on particular universities; the above is the approximate time period given for a particular event during the winter intake in Germany.

Eligibility Criteria for studying in Germany

  • Entrance qualification of higher education 
  • Aptitude Test (TestAs)
  • Academic transcripts 
  • Language proficiency proof 
  • Student Visa 
  • Passport/ID 
  • Financial Means 
  • Resident permit 
  • Health Insurance 

Top/Best Winter Intake Universities  in Germany 2023-24

Below is a list of some top universities with their deadline and annual/semester fee. The colleges are in the QS Ranking 2023. 

University DeadlineAnnual Fee in EUR
Technical University of BerlinUG- July 1 – Aug 20 , PG – July 31310 (in total)
Technical University of MunichVaries between Nov – Dec according to programs116
RWTH Aachen UniversityUG – Oct 15, PG – March 10
Heidelberg UniversityUG- July 15 PG- June 151500
Free University of BerlinUG – August 20/September PG – June 30/August 150-242
University of TubingenJuly 151500
Ludwig Maximilian University of MunichUG- July 15 PG- Aug 20 0

Some more Top/Best Universities in Germany open for winter intake 

  • Humboldt University of Berlin
  • GISMA Business School 
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • Technical University of Dresden 
  • Friedrich Schiller University 
  • University of Bonn 
  • Hamburg University 

Documents Required to Apply for Germany Winter Intake

Below is a list of all the mandatory documents you need to prepare if you want to enroll for the winter intake.

  • All past academic documents (10th, 12th and if applicable bachelor’s degree)
  • GRE / GMAT scores (Public Universities/master’s degree) 
  • Minimum two letters of recommendation (LOR)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) 
  • Test scores of English language proficiency in IELTS/TOEFL/MOI/Duolingo
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Passport 
  • Updated resume/CV
  • Other certificates and Achievements (when asked by particular Universities)
  • Work experience documents (if any) 
  • Application Form 

Strategic Application Planning for Winter Intake In Germany

  • February–March: Students should start listing all the preferred universities as well as doing thorough research about particular University deadlines. Students should begin crafting their CV, SOP, and requests for LORs during this time. These are crucial records for the admissions process. For applicants to German universities, the SOP for Germany must be thoroughly researched and entirely unique.
  • April-June: In order to have time for a retest in the event that they receive less than their target score, students should think about taking exams like the GMAT or GRE or language proficiency exams like the TOEFL, IELTS, TestDaf, TELC, etc. at least two to three months before the deadline.
  • May–June: Send your applications to colleges either on your own or through the University Application Service for International Students.
  • July–August: Depending on the programme, students should prepare for in-person or online interviews.
  • August–September: As soon as you receive your acceptance letter, apply for a student visa to Germany. A three-month period is needed for this process. The dates for enrollment should be taken into account, and if necessary, international students should apply for any applicable student loans or scholarships in Germany. These are prerequisites for obtaining a study visa: get health insurance and open a blocked account.
  • September: Arrive in Germany a month prior to the start of the semester to locate suitable housing and acclimatize to your new environment. Obtain the residency permit three weeks after arriving in Germany.

It might be stressful during such a competitive application process, but it will seem worth it once you land a seat at those top universities in Germany. The decision to study abroad will be rewarding in every aspect. To make the process smooth, Admissify is here to help you with your research and study in Germany, which is the key to your dream university. We wish you luck and hope that you find what’s best for you!

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Is the winter intake in Germany better than the summer intake?

Winter intake might be the primary one, with more options for universities and courses, but summer intake has its own benefits. You can weigh your own requirements by going through both their benefits.

How many times a year does the German University accept applications?

Universities in Germany are open for admission twice a year, also called summer intake and winter intake.

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