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May Intake in UK 2024: Top Universities, Fees, Deadlines

October 7, 2023
May Intake Universities in the UK

Want to study in the land of Oxford and Cambridge but missed out on the September and January intake? Fret not, because the United Kingdom also offers an array of may intake universities for the year 2024.

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Although it is not the busiest intake season, it might provide benefits such as a more flexible timetable and less competition for admission. It is critical, however, to confirm that your preferred university and program of study are available during this intake. Selecting the appropriate intake might help you avoid a rushed application process and increase your chances of acceptance. We’ve put together a detailed guide to May intake in the UK to assist you in making an informed selection. This guide offers a list of may intake universities in UK, a list of universities, and the necessary information to assist you in making the best option for your academic career.

Types of Intakes in the UK

Two types of popular intakes are commonly followed by UK Universities:

  • January to February intake 
  • September to October intake
  • Additional Enrollment for certain Courses in April/May

Students who opt out of the September admissions process may still be admitted to the UK’s January intakes. According to some, the number of programs offered may be more in September in the UK than it is in January. However, once they begin, there isn’t much of a comparison between the two. In January, there will be an equal number of successful courses from which students can select. You can enroll in the UK’s May admissions intake, which is another intake. 

The January Intakes in the UK criteria provide you extra time to concentrate on your applications so you may fill up any gaps if there are any if you missed the September intake. If you missed the September intake, you can look forward to another January intake.

Pros and cons of applying for May intake in the UK 2024

The tertiary intake period in the United Kingdom occurs in May/June. It is also referred to as the “summer intake” and is less popular than the primary and secondary intakes.

Benefits of Applying in the May Intake in the UK

Choosing the correct intake is crucial to a student’s academic progress. May intakes for undergraduate studies are unusual at UK institutions. The May intake period in the United Kingdom is the tertiary intake period, which occurs in May/June. It is sometimes known as the “summer intake” and is less popular than the primary and secondary intakes. Some of the benefits associated with may intake are:

  • More time to study for examinations
  • smaller class numbers, and a higher chance of acquiring student housing.
  • Students may also escape the competitive rush of the September admission and benefit from a more individualized learning environment.

Problems of Applying in the May Intake in the UK

Scholarship and financial assistance possibilities in the UK for the May intake may be restricted in comparison to the main and secondary intakes. 

The May intake in the UK provides a small number of courses, particularly for postgraduate study, and this admission period is offered by just a few universities in the UK.

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What is the right time to apply for May intake in the UK?

The application deadline for May admission to UK universities varies based on the university and program. Ideally, you should begin preparing your application documents and investigating institutions in the United Kingdom by November/December of the preceding year.

However, as a general guideline, you should begin your application process six months before the start of the May intake season. It is important to remember that certain universities may have earlier or later application deadlines, thus it is always preferable to confirm the application timetable with the relevant university. 

Steps advised to be followed for a successful application for May intake universities in The UK

Given below are some tips to help you have a successful application for May intake in the UK:

  • Research about the universities and the programs offered:

Begin by exploring universities and programs with a May intake and selecting the ones that best fit your goals. Sometimes it might be difficult to find the ideal university that has a May intake.

  • Go through the admission requirements:

Before applying, thoroughly review the prerequisites to confirm that you meet all the necessary criteria. Different universities have different requirements.

  • Do not delay your application 

Begin your application procedure early to allow yourself enough time to collect all of the necessary documents and complete your application. If you delay your application it might result in you not getting into your dream university. So don’t delay. 

  • Try getting good references

Choose your referees carefully and make sure they are aware of your academic and personal achievements. 

  • Write a strong Statement of Purpose

This is one of the most crucial steps that has to be done carefully. Make sure you have a good personal statement that highlights your academic accomplishments, relevant experiences, and future objectives. This will give the selectors a brief idea about you and your objectives and decide whether you will be an ideal match for their university. 

  • Do not apply to just one university 

When applying to a foreign university you can never be sure about getting in. So it is always a good idea to apply to multiple universities that offer the same program that you are looking for to increase your chances of acceptance. But do not apply blindly without proper research. 

  • Stay Updated

Make a note of all the deadlines, requirements, and important documents to ensure you have everything important with you.

Documents Required for Admission to the UK Universities:

Before approving an international student’s application, each university needs a certain set of documentation. While the list of papers required varies from university to university,  some of the crucial documents required for admission are:

• Academic Mark sheets of previously attended courses

• English language proficiency scores (IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, etc.)

• Statement of Purpose (SOP)

• Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

• Updated Resume

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An application Timeline for your reference

  • November/December of the prior year: Research universities and programs with a May intake.
  • In December/January of the intake year: Begin assembling your application documents, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal statements.
  • February/March: Submit your application documents to the colleges of your choice.
  • April/May: Await your admission decision and prepare for any visa needs if you get an offer.
  • May/June: Begin your studies in May.

How to get a Scholarship for May Intake in the Uk?

International students seeking an internationally renowned higher education may discover that the United Kingdom is the best option. Nonetheless, the cost of studying in the UK may be excessive, with costs reaching £40,000 per year. However, with good preparation, studying in the United Kingdom may be reasonable. It is critical not to leave out any details while paraphrasing the original text.

The British government and numerous institutes and universities grant scholarships to students from India and other nations. These scholarships vary in value from £1,000 to £8,000, and the amount offered is determined by the student’s profile and degree program. While paraphrasing the original paragraph, no material was left out.

Scholarships in the UK are tough to get since they are based on various factors such as academic quality, job experience, program selection, and future goals. To be considered for the scholarship, you must apply for it as soon as possible. 

Some of the universities accepting May intake in the UK 2024

Here is a list of May intake universities in the UK accepting May intake along with their average annual fees:

UniversityAverage annual fees
Salford University£12,660- £15,750
University of the West of Scotland£13,320- £16,400
Coventry University£9,501- £23,087
Ulster University£11,850- £19,700
University of Richmond£14,410-£16,390
Northumbria University£16,500-19,000
BPP University£12,420-£33,000
Brunel University£15,860- £21,470

Is it a good option for international students to go for May intake in the UK?

Applying for the May intake universities in the UK can be an excellent opportunity for those who missed out on the September and January intakes. 

While the May intake might have limited options, you will still be able to make the best out of your educational experience in the UK. 

Additionally, for further guidance and support in the application process for the May-June intake in UK universities, consult a professional counsellor at Admissify today. We specialise in providing holistic support- from university shortlisting to visa filing, our diverse team has got you covered. 

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How many intakes does the UK offer? 

The United Kingdom offers three intakes: September intake, January intake, and May intake. Out of all these, September intake is the most targeted by students from all over the globe. 

Is it worth it to study in the UK in May intake?

Answer: Absolutely! The United Kingdom is home to one of the most revered education systems in the world. Studying in the in may intake will exponentially raise your chances of having a successful career and an array of important skills. As long as you focus on your academics and internships, every penny invested in a degree from the UK is worth it. 

Do I have to appear for IELTS for may intake in UK? 

IELTS is an English language proficiency test that assesses your understanding of the language. It generally tests your speaking, writing, reading, and listening abilities. You might have heard that many universities in the UK offer a waiver on IELTS, however, that solely depends on the university and your past performance in the subject. If you are someone who has consistently scored stellar grades in English and studied in an institution where the delivery of classes was in English, you might be eligible for a waiver. 

What are some popular courses in the UK? 

While students flock to the UK for a myriad of reasons, the country particularly excels in providing quality education in nursing, aviation, business and management, and liberal arts. Moreover, many universities are also known for offering scholarships that significantly reduce the overall expenses of students. 

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