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Intakes in UK 2024: September, January And May Intakes

October 19, 2023
Intakes in UK

Pursuing higher studies abroad is like a dream come true for almost all students. There are a lot of countries where students wish to continue their higher studies, out of which the United Kingdom is one of the most preferred destinations for students. Being a part of a university in the UK will not only fulfil your dream of studying abroad, it will also provide you with numerous benefits like excellent quality education, better future prospects and many more. The UK universities have a lot of intakes for diplomas, masters, etc. In this blog, we will be exploring everything about the intakes in the UK, their eligibility criteria, application guidelines, benefits of becoming a part of the universities of the United Kingdom and many more. 

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Types of Intakes in Uk

UK intake is basically the pre-defined time period when the University of the UK permits international students to start their study journey. In order to allow the maximum number of students to become a part of the UK universities, they have 3 intakes per year namely the primary intake, secondary intake and tertiary intake. 

Primary intake is the first and the main one which is for September to December. Then, comes the secondary or January intake from (January to April). Last but not least, tertiary intake or May intake from May to August. 

IntakesTime periodApplications submission
September Intake/Fall IntakeSeptember to DecemberDecember-July
January Intake/Winter IntakeJanuary to AprilSeptember-November
May Intake/Spring IntakeMay to AugustOctober-November

Before choosing the intake, you should be aware of the courses offered, fee structure, scholarships, if available, the cost of living, etc. 

Primary Intakes In the UK September 2024

These primary intakes in the UK are from September to December in which more than 85% of the students get the opportunity to start their study journey. 

In this, you will get a wide variety of options for undergraduate and postgraduate. 


Numerous options:- The main benefit of this (September to December) intake in the UK is that in this you will get numerous courses and universities to choose from. 

Scholarships:– as the universities are numerous in this intake, the scholarships offered are also in abundance. This, is your chance to win a scholarship and get selected can enhance. 


Competition:- as a majority of students apply for UK universities and courses, thus it creates a more competitive environment. 

Application dates for September intakes

The application process for this primary UK intake is from December to July. 

The admission for this intake to the UK goes on between February and May. 

Secondary Intakes In UK (January 2024) 

These secondary or winter intakes take place from January to April. In case you were unable to get selected for the primary intakes, you can apply for this time. 


Less competition:- as compared to the September intake, this winter intake has less competition as the majority of students apply in the September one. 

Better preparation time:- if you go for the January intake, you will get more time to search for courses, universities and scholarships. In addition, you will have more time to prepare your application and other required documents. 


Less time for application submission:– Compared to the first intake, this intake in the UK has quite a short time to submit your application. Thus, it is significant to keep a regular check on the deadline and submit your application ASAP. 

Restricted courses:– The number of courses available in the secondary intake is less as compared to the primary intake. 

Application dates for January intakes

The application process for these UK intakes is from September to November. 

The admission for January intakes in the UK goes on between June and September. 

May Intake Universities in the UK 2024: Universities, Fees, Deadlines

Want to study in the land of Oxford and Cambridge but missed out on the September and January intake? Fret not, because the United Kingdom also offers an array of may intake universities for the year 2024.

Tertiary UK intakes (May 2024) 

The third chance to start your studying journey in the United Kingdom is the May intake. Although the universities that offer this May intake are less comparatively, it has its own positive aspects. 


Least competition:– this is the period when it is the easiest to get selected by the universities of UK as the competition is least in this intake. 

Fewer students & small batches:– As the least number of students apply for this intake in the UK, the batches are quite small which gives an enhanced study environment. 


Fewer options:- this intake is provided by only a few universities. Thus, you don’t get a wide range of options for the selection. In addition, the courses and scholarships offered are also lesser. 

Part-time work issues:- If you go for this intake you can do an internship directly after 1 year as in the UK you need to stay for a minimum of 9 months to become eligible to do an internship and all the internships start in May – July. 

Application dates for May intakes

The application process for these intakes in UK is from October to November. 

The admission for May intakes of the UK are for January and February. 

Eligibility for intake in UK

If you wish to pursue Bachelor’s or Master in the UK, you will be required to fulfill the below-mentioned academic requirements:- 

  • You should have a minimum percentage of 85-90% to study in top universities in the United Kingdom.
  • There are a few universities which also take students having less than 80% but it should not be less than 50-55% (12th standard). 

(Students who do not meet the above-mentioned academic requirements can go for graduate programs offered by the UK). 

  • Also, you need the English language proficiency proof(s) to study in the UK. 
  • There are a few other personal and academic documents that you may need. These documents vary from university to university. Thus, you should confirm it from the official website of the university chosen by you. 

Guidelines to apply for UK intakes 2024

You may have a look at the below mentioned steps or guidelines in order to apply for the UK intakes:-

  1. Firstly, you should do a brief research on the top universities in the UK and the courses offered by them. You should start this one year before the intake timeline. 
  2. After gathering the required information related to all the universities, you should shortlist them in accordance with your needs and preferences. 
  3. Then, you should start collecting all the required documents that you may need for admission such as a resume, educational qualifications, letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, etc. 
  4. Then, after applying you will receive offers from the universities. 
  5. After receiving offers, you should make your final decision and go for a student visa. 
  6. Then, you will need to pay your fees Or deposits and gain some information related to your accommodation. 

Guidelines for a successful application

Below mentioned are some points that you should keep in mind for a successful application:-


  • You should give yourself enough time to research the course and university that suits you the best. 
  • It is important to verify your application twice to make sure that it is error-free. 
  • Get in touch with the university directly in case of any issues or doubts. 
  • Verify the required documents in advance from the official website of the selected university. 


  • You should not prepare your documents at a time. 
  • Do not apply to a lot of universities without having proper information. 
  • Do not copy your statement of purpose or any other document, make sure that it is not plagiarized. 

Benefits and future prospects of pursuing higher studies in the UK

There are numerous benefits and excellent future prospects for pursuing higher studies in the UK which are as follows:-

High-quality education 

Universities of the UK offer world-class education. In addition, most of these rank among the top universities all over the world. 

Earn while studying

The United Kingdom offers a lot of employment opportunities. It is a country which is in need of a young generation for work. Thus, being a student also, you can engage yourself in various jobs that may be part-time Or full-time. With this, you can get your pocket money along with practical knowledge and skills. 

High standard of living

The UK is known for its safety and quality of life. It provides a safe ambience to all its residents making it a comfortable destination for students. 

Job opportunities

The United Kingdom has a strong job market and students get a lot of job opportunities in numerous fields such as technology, healthcare, engineering and many others. It is easier to find jobs in the UK for the ones who are a part of its universities. 

Valuable networks

Studying in the UK gives the students an opportunity to build international links and networks which is quite advantageous for their future. 


So, this was all about the UK intakes and their timeline along with their eligibility criteria, advantages and disadvantages and guidelines for a successful application. In addition, with the assistance of this blog, you have also got to know about various benefits and great future prospects of becoming a part of the universities of the UK. Now, you can easily fulfil your dream of pursuing your higher studies from abroad and start a new study journey. 

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How to select the right intake in UK? 

For this, you should start researching in advance and gather all the information related to courses and universities in the UK so that you can take time to come to a decision. 

Which intake in UK is the best? 

The September intake or primary intake in UK is the best for international students. 

When should I take the IELTS exam for September intake 2024? 

For this intake, you should take IELTS between August and November. 

Which city in the UK has the majority of Indian students? 

The majority of Indian students are in 

What is the minimum IELTS score that is required to get a UK student visa? 

The minimum IELTS score that is required to get a UK student visa is 4.0 or above. 

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