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Top Scholarship in Germany (2024)

July 12, 2019

Best known for its impeccable business reputation and vibrant culture, Germany is a great option for international students who wish to go study abroad for their higher education. German universities not only provide low tuition fees or even free education in Public Universities but there are also some of the most globally recognized scholarships available to applicable students.

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Here is the list of some of the type of scholarships provided by Germany

  • Title Based Scholarship
  • Merit Based Scholarship
  • Need Based Scholarship
  • Demographic Based Scholarship
  • University Based Scholarship

Listing down are the scholarships granted by the universities of Germany which can make a real difference in the lives of international students who wish to stay abroad. Please note, the scholarship provided comes under all degree levels.

Title based scholarships

are specifically those which are predefined and usually sponsored by a famous personality or organization or indeed by the institution itself. They can further be either private or government based scholarship. It is usually in a competitive format and awarded to the single winner of the scholarship competition. These study abroad scholarships to students wishing to study oversees for higher education.

Mentioned below are the lists of Title Based Scholarships which are broadly divided into 3 basic categories with the aim of better understanding.


Scholarship funded by Government

DAAD Scholarship

DAAD scholarship or German Academic exchange services provides a great support to international graduate students by taking up the responsibility through promoting their academic exchange program. This scholarship is open for post graduate degree courses. This scholarship provides a great support to those international students and researchers who are not able to meet the financial criteria of the university. Students, who are selected for DAAD scholarship, are paid a reasonable living expense of € 750, a transport bonus of € 1,075 and health insurance.

Eligibility Criteria-

  • Students perusing bachelors, dual or integrated course from selected Indian universities can apply.
  • 2 years of professional work experience
  • Good proficiency of English Language

Non Government funded Scholarship

Konrad- Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship

Students who have completed their bachelors and masters degree in their native region can apply for this scholarship. In particular, students who wants to pursue PhD from Germany may apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be less than 30 years.
  • Must have a good command over German Language
  • Good academic performance
  • Must be involved in voluntary activities

Kurt Hansen Scholarship

Students who belong from the field of biology and chemistry and dream to be a science teacher may apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is open for both German and foreign applicants. Foreign applicants study in Germany whereas Germany applicants go abroad. Kurt Hansan Scholarship is awarded for 1 year and covers living, travel and project cost of the students.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Good command over English and German Language
  • Great academic performance

EMS Undergraduate Scholarship

Students who want to peruse bachelors degree from Germany may apply for this scholarship in particular. This scholarship aims to provide a strong support to undergraduate students and help them shaping their career better. Students under this scholarship, get top business roles in Germany and other nations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Good academic performance
  • Student who are socially involved; highly socially committed.

ESMT Women Academic Scholarship

Women who want to study MBA from European school of Management and technology may apply for this scholarship. Under this scholarship, female students can study full-time MBA program. The Statement of purpose or SOP plays a crucially important role as it communicated the intention and vision of the student applying for the scholarship.

Eligibility criteria

  • Female Candidate with a GMAT scores of more than 700.
  • Good academic performance at undergraduate level

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University Based Scholarship

Kofi Annan Scholarship

Students who wish to pursue Master in Management course or MBA may apply for this scholarship. HBS provides 2 years of Master in Management course or full time MBA program to eligible students. Eligible students receive full tuition fee-

  • MIM-25,000
  • MBA-43,500

Eligibility Criteria

  • Good academic performance
  • Must have a good command over English Language

KAAD Scholarship

Kaad scholarship is provided to international students who want to study master or PhD programme from Germany’s university. Students applying for this scholarship must-

  • Must be coming from a developing country like Asia, Africa, Latin America
  • Have good command over German Language
  • Must be studying in Germany’s university only

Merit Based

Merit Based is one those scholarships which not only give attention to one’s academic but also on extra-curricular activities. Merit based scholarships holds great importance in abroad. Merit Based scholarships are mainly divided into two types-

Academic based- Academic Merit based scholarships generally focuses on one’s academic performance. This scholarship in particular is granted to those who are excellent in studies.

Non Academic Based- Non Academic merit based scholarship is granted to those students who have excelled in extracurricular activities. Overseas universities not only consider your education qualification but also focuses on yours extracurricular activities which involves athletics, artistic, community service and other abilities. Students who do not fall under the line of toppers but has great all rounder personality may apply for this scholarship

Bursary or Need Based Scholarship

A Bursary or need based scholarship is an international full time scholarship which is granted to students whose financial status is below that normally expected to fulfill all living expense and tuition fee obligations without assistance. Although student’s education qualification is kept is consideration, the primary concern will be the financial background of a student.

Demographic Based Scholarship

Demographic-based Scholarships are specific to a student’s demographic background, for example, one’s location, age and gender. One’s age, gender and location is considered in order to fulfill the requirement of Demographic Based Scholarships. These Scholarships are usually awarded at the Universities discretion depending on the university’s policy directives.

University or Course Based Scholarship

University or Course based scholarship programs are dependent on the university and course you apply for and vary from time to time depending on which programs the university wants to promote or increase enrollments for. It gives students a better opportunity to study the same program but with a scholarship.

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