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Describe A Development In Your Country: IELTS cue card

June 7, 2024
Describe A Development In Your Country: IELTS cue card

The IELTS exam is widely accepted as an English language proficiency test by universities and employers alike. The scores of the IELTS exam are valid for two years. Additionally, you can take a test in a convenient location. As part of the IELTS speaking test, the candidate will be given a cue card and asked to speak fluently for about 2 minutes about a general topic assigned by the examiner. The IELTS speaking cue card test has the topic “Describe a Development in Your Country,” and we will discuss model answers.

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Chenab Bridge: Describe A Development In Your Country

What is the development?

The development in the country that I will discuss is the construction of the Chenab Bridge. The bridge is the highest rail bridge in the world. Moreover, the bridge is located in Jammu and Kashmir’s Union Territory as part of the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link Project.

When did you hear about it?

I heard about it through news channels and newspapers, as the bridge’s inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled for January 2024.

How did it influence you?

Construction of the bridge presented technical challenges due to the terrain and harsh weather conditions, but once completed, visitors will be able to access the Kashmir Valley via India’s railway network, which is an important development for the region.

Expressway: Describe A Development In Your Country

What is the development?

The development of a country is always exciting for everyone· Recently, I learned about a new development in the country that has had an intriguing impact on the country·

The new expressway has been established and has an entrance and an exit controlled by the use of the cloverleaf or the trumpet, which has been incorporated into the design of the expressway for a maximum speed of 120 KM\HR· 

When did you hear about it?

I heard about this recent development of the country from one YouTube channel where they explained that on July 3, 2023, the union minister Nitin Gadkari announced a new government project for the construction of many expressways. It is expected to be a 10,000-kilometer expressway across the country, costing a staggering Rs 4.5 lakh crore.

How did it influence you?

As I am in Mumbai, the expressway begins in Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai, and ends in Kiwale, Pune. It travels through the scenic Sahyadri mountain ranges via passes and tunnels. It was an awesome route to take.

Model Answer: Describe A Development In Your Country

What is the development?

Many developments have taken place in the country recently. I will talk about the latest and most impressive developments in the country. The construction of the world’s first ice road in Ladakh connects the region’s glaciers at an altitude of 17,800 feet, providing a vital link and improving living conditions.

When did you hear about it?

I learned about it from a friend who shared his experience during his trip to Ladakh and later confirmed it using Google. My friend is always interested in the latest news from around the world, which helps me stay updated.

How did it influence you?

The success of the project will improve living conditions and socio-economic status, making life easier for everyone while benefiting the planet’s life system, even in remote communities. remote fields.

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Followup Questions: Describe A Development In Your Country

  1. How would you define development in a country?

When the country’s infrastructure is developed, it is a new development in the country. At the same time, when there is a new job opportunity for others, it allows you to have a development in a country.

  1. What kind of development is taking place in your country in the modern era?

There are advancements in all fields. A new type of bus stop, metro rail station, four-lane roads, underground water, and gas facilities.

  1. How has the development you mentioned affected the environment in your country?

Developments have benefited the surroundings through reducing dependence on fossil fuels and lowering carbon emissions. For instance, solar energy allows the air to be smooth, minimizing the effects of climate change.

  1. Can you talk about any challenges or obstacles you encountered while undertaking this development?

One challenge was acquiring land for solar projects, particularly in densely populated areas. Additionally, initial investment costs posed financial barriers.

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