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Describe A Good Law In Your Country: IELTS Cue Card

May 17, 2024
Describe A Good Law In Your Country 

There are three sections in the IELTS speaking test. spanning eleven to fourteen minutes. There are several time constraints for each section. The Speaking Cue Card Test is essentially a conversation between the candidate and the examiner. A broad topic to discuss will be provided to the candidate. One ought to be well-prepared in advance and ready for it. To give you an idea of what to say, this article will give you an example cue card with answers and follow-up questions that explain a good law in your country. 

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Example1: Describe A Good Law In Your Country 


If I talk about my country, so many laws are followed which most people here appreciate a lot. I felt that the police act of 1861 was a very good law because it started the first policing procedure.

What Is the Law?

The act of 1861 on the Police is popularly known as Police Act, where there is always an effort by officers to be on duty all the time. This law implies that the duty of the police must never fall short of his/her expectations if the police officer is not to be absent from duty. It is likely that one will not even notice if he/she is with the cop or just a regular person, whatever his/her uniform will be. A policeman is always a policeman, however clothed in civilian attire.  

Some time ago, I was with a couple of friends in the city center and in the morning, one thief stole the wallet from the hands of an old guy. He thought nobody had met him. However, the thief was not very lucky: a guy approached and caught the thief’s hand. And now everybody knows about him because he spoke with the police officer when that policeman showed up. Then he further informs me that being in the police uniform or not is not the point, what matters the most is my duty.

Whom does It Affect?

He’s a legally empowered person to arrest folks for whom there is sufficient warranty. So also, it shall be the law for everyone, either a police officer to any of their duties assigned.

Why is it Good?

It was the cases described above that were the best ones among the others as people should be assured about their safety and security in public space and Avoid any crime racers. 


Consequently, I feel secure in concentrated zones since I have learnt about this law.

Example 2: Describe A Good Law In Your Country 

Governments make laws for the betterment of citizens and running the society smoothly. Another factor affecting ethical conduct is the legal framework. Without laws we would be in total mayhem and being at the mercy of injustice. There are lots of laws–like for example– banning smoking in public, wearing helmets while riding a two wheeler, laws on female foeticide, and against cutting trees.

However, my main concern here is to discuss a law on plastic carry bags, their usage is banned somehow. I learned of this law through TV news channels. This lets everyone know that it is a global law as each person on Earth would be affected by it.

In 2016, India banned the usage of the below 50 micrometers thickness bags but it was not enforced effectively, because people were not that aware.

Nevertheless, in the issue of World Environment Day on the 5th of June 2018, “Beat Plastic Pollution” was the concept, therefore, the authorities counted upon to strictly enforce this law.

Interestingly, this year India was the global event host of the World Environment Day respectively. One day the PM, Mr Narendra Modi advised every state and Union Territory to start a big campaign in the field of depletion of plastic. 

All types of plastic products like polythene bags, drinking straws and plastic bottles have been prescribed. It is also accompanied by very high fines, to the one who violates the rule. Plastic decomposition process at landfills is slow and takes a long time. It is very dangerous as it releases poisonous emissions to the environment when burnt. Thus, I consider this law a wonderful innovation in our society. We need to collaborate with the government to obey the law.

It should be made a daily chore to carry our tote bags for shopping instead of taking plastic bags. Such bags should be refused.

Example 3: Describe A Good Law In Your Country 

What Is the Law?

By enacting its Corporate Social Responsibility law in April 2014, India made a big contribution to sustainable development. The company is public, and the law applies to it similar to the one applied to the corporations, for example, those were the margins exceeded them by more than 2 % because of professional motives. This law is termed as the best measure by the government, which enables to erasing of the dividing line between the rich and the poor, which can be done successfully.

How Did You Learn About This Law?

For some reason, I love reading newspapers every morning. This is just a habit of me and my family. I was enlightened about one such aspect of major life on one sunny day in April 2014. This act was the most breaking news of that day despite an amendment that was made which was called the Companies Act, 2013. Thus, this is the essence of corporations which are the source of the wealth. As for the fact, our country is among the leaders who designed the law of this kind at the right moment.

Whom does it Affect?

More and more businesses every day are unveiling their tax avoidance and evasion practices. Therefore this act is the strategy that is aimed to engage companies in the development of the country. As for the underlying motives that promote the enactment of such a rule, they are of a noble kind. By doing so companies will be giving some money towards some ethical factor such as the eradication of illiteracy or improving health conditions and this law will help in refocusing the attention of every corporation with the aim of adding some objective at the heart of the constitution. It may be either direct investment or through partnership with other federations of the country but region by region this law has ensured that least opulent categories get something beneficial from this.

 What Makes It Good?

Certain corporations have enforced proposals concerning their employees. Thus, guests at events can also feel at ease about making some kind of contribution to the populace. Greater techniques for aiding the poor can be expected when corporations collaborate closely with non-governmental organizations.

The state of this commission’s productivity is of interest to the entire country. It is likely more profitable and has already caused a stir. Many countries will undoubtedly do the same.

Follow Up Questions: Describe A Good Law In Your Country 

In the third section of the IELTS speaking exam, applicants will have four to five minutes to answer a few follow-up questions. Here are some more questions related to the issue as you outline an excellent law in your nation.

Do You Think the Nation Will Benefit from This Law?

Everyone should acknowledge that this law is tremendously beneficial to the country. Pollution is a constant problem that needs to be reduced since it damages our biological system. Environmental problems are becoming more prevalent in society, and protecting the environment is something that should be prioritized.

Is there any case where people lack the moral ground to break the law?

Of course, it may happen that people do not obedience to laws, for instance they may run red lights or violate traffic rules. Because people are acting only to their self-centeredness is the main cause for their acts.

Are people in the police force doing a good job there in your country?

Indeed, police work is among tasks that many people desire to do in my nation. Repeatedly, there are numerous people who take the tests to join the law enforcement office. The existence of uproar towards such tests clearly shows that a significant number of people are passionate about serving as police officers and their country.

Why would someone want to practice law?

Some people would rather be lawyers because they want to make sure that everyone is treated equally and with fairness under the law. They might want to stand up for the rights of others and ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to defend their actions. The potential for financial gain and celebrity is a factor in some people’s decision to pursue this career.

 Should using a cell phone while driving cause penalties?

Modern cars are equipped with a system that allows you to connect your phone to your computer over Bluetooth while keeping your hands free. However, a driver should face severe consequences if they use a phone to talk or text while operating a vehicle as it can divert your attention while driving and cause serious accidents. 

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