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Describe Your Summer Holidays Or Vacations: IELTS Cue Card

May 17, 2024
Describe Your Summer Holidays Or Vacations 

The goal of the standardized English language test IELTS is to evaluate test takers’ proficiency in the language. To be considered for admission or to obtain a visa, applicants must submit scorecards in English. As a result, candidates frequently take this examination to get hired or gain admittance. One of the most dreaded sections of the IELTS exam is the speaking portion.

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Here, we’ve covered how to answer the cue card question, “Describe your summer holidays or vacations,” along with a number of related follow-up questions. As a result, finish reading this article and attempt to decipher the pattern of responses.

This Topic for Cue Card

In this question, t has the freedom to speak on multiple activities and this makes the cue card less challenging. A single activity can not be fully described even if you are interested in it. Otherwise, you just have to talk about a variety of different activities that you normally do during your holidays.

Make some jottings on your holiday activities and then continue talking about these activities. They don’t need to be only one of the activities, the category can be both indoor and outdoor or the topic may not be specified.

What Can You Say?

  1. Where do you spend the vacations?
  2. Length of time they last
  3. Who you accompany

My Hometown: Describe Your Summer Holidays Or Vacations 

I love holidays, and I always try to use them to my advantage, spending my time on some of the most enjoyable activities that I like or any other activities that are the most fun for me. However, whether I go to any interesting place or just stay in my hometown, the decision of me, to do that, depends on the duration of my holidays. 

For instance, if the holidays are just a day or two, I mostly stay at home and invite some of my close friends and relatives to my place to have a good time watching movies and eating good meals. On some occasions, I even hang out with my friends at some of my favourite cafés or even go to a movie theatre to watch a great movie. For instance, going fishing in a nearby lake, playing some of my favourite sports or just visiting the countryside are among the favorite things to do when my holiday is only for a day or two. Nevertheless, whether I am heading outside for some outdoor activities or staying at home also depends on the weather and my mood.

On the contrary, if the holidays are longer than two days, I attempt to go to some interesting places in my country either with my family members or friends. Is it about the venue that I chose, I always like to go to a place that is of great natural beauty where I can find ocean and mountains or some old historic sites. Besides, I sometimes take my friends with me and visit some new places, for example, new cities or new tourist resorts, which I have not seen before.

 In any case, whatever we do during the holidays seems exciting. Speaking more precisely, though, some of the interesting things that happen during my vacations may be getting to know new people, going to some lovely locations, sampling some of the unique and local cuisine, and shooting intriguing photos of some stunning birds and other creatures. In addition, hosting swimming competitions in lakes or the ocean, going to vacation spots, and filming our fish barbecue are a couple of the intriguing activities I like to do on vacation.

Example 2: Describe Your Summer Holidays Or Vacations 

I mainly love all holidays like summer break, winter break etc. However, I will now cover winter holidays in much greater intricacies. When time breaks, I find that every December is the month of winter holidays when teachers refuse to give any homework during these holidays. Vacations are my kind of treat because there are many reasons to love them. 

Primarily, I go to my home town with my brother to celebrate Christmas and New Year. When it comes to my grandma, she has shown me a lot of affection concerning winter foods, not to mention that she prepares loads of dishes, which you can include “Carrot pudding”, “Rice pudding”, “Ras malai” and others. I very often visit my mama’s nephew’s little ones. 

Lastly, I would like to mention that during the cold season, I can easily get different nuts in the market; however, I seldom put much of it inside my body. I started buying all business materials which include Almonds, Wall-nuts, Groundnuts etc. by accompanying my mother. The consumption of these warm and moist fruits is what our body needs in the cold season and these fruits protect us from such diseases like cough, runny nose, and sneezing.

Furthermore, in the wintertime, the air is dry and there are not any rashes on the body and no sweat on me. So I can just play any game with my closest friends and family. Furthermore, woollen clothes which we wear in cold weather are bright colours since in summer we can only wear simple and dull-coloured clothes. Every time the winter breaks out, I get myself some woollens. 

To elaborate, I celebrate the most remarkable event, Christmas,which is the winter holiday as it is the most respected and celebrated. During this holiday, I visited my Christian friend Saba at her house. We all enjoyed this occasion together and feast on a variety of foods prepared by Saba’s mother. Overall, I enjoy the winter vacations because they allow me to try a lot of new things. Over the winter holidays, there are no worries. The winter vacations make me feel like I’m in paradise, and I eagerly await them each year.

Gir National Park: Describe Your Summer Holidays Or Vacations 

Trips are for people to ditch the monotonous routine as they clutter their minds and create additional spaces in the brain. Today I would like to talk about my summer holidays when I visited Gir National Park in the western state of Gujarat. A lot more was that I underwent an experience of jungle safari in the heat of May to June as the entire area of the park is open to the public and the temperature is going at its highest hence it is presumed to be the best time to spot the fearless lions.

I had been there with my family and had the fun to enjoy a jeep safari in the dry and damp surroundings of the National Park along with the added excitement of watching the flora and fauna in their natural habitats. What is more, I would like to add a detail that I have lived in a splendid resort near beautiful natural sceneries only for a couple of nights and it is such an unforgettable experience full of new things for us all. Lastly, my vacation offered a chance to all of us to get closer and to reduce both mental stress and anxiety. I still have sweet memories of my trip.  It turned out to be a lovely experience, unimaginably. We had other obligations to attend to, which was unfortunate because I had hoped to stay longer. I would really like to go back there if it is feasible. 

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Follow Up Questions to Describe Your Summer Holidays Or Vacations 

  1. Do young and old prefer to travel to various destinations for vacations?

Everybody has the right to have their own opinions, in my opinion. While younger people are more interested in trying out unique activities related to the areas they visit, older folks generally prefer to see parks and temples wherever they go. Extreme sports are common, like trekking and skydiving.

  1. What factors do young and old consider when planning a trip?

The old are mainly worried about their comfort level and their financial situation, in my opinion. They are frugal individuals who want the most comfortable travel experience possible for the least amount of money. While children are just concerned with finishing a task. Their primary driving forces are a thirst for adventure and thrills. As for children, they aren’t even worried about fulfilling a task, but rather get distracted by other, unimportant details. They usually seek stimulation or elation, and perhaps the unknown.

The fact that people know how to move on to a new location or how to go somewhere they already know before is a mystery. 

  1. Which would visitors want to visit more, thrilling recreational activities or museums and other historical sites?

In my opinion, adventure travel is the newest way to take vacations. It’s a lovely experience to get lost in the bizarre mountains rather than exploring the stunning National Park or Sanctuary. An adventure trip is ideal for friends and family who just want to experience success after their vacation and get their adrenaline pumping.

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