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Describe Some Technology That You Decided To Stop Using: IELTS Cue Card

May 4, 2024
Describe some technology that you decided to stop using

The IELTS examination is an important exam that you will be required to appear for professing your skills and knowledge in the English language. The second round of the exam is the speaking round where you will be given one cue card and based on it you have to speak for two to three minutes. This is the most essential thing, where your English is tested based on the things you say. Here we have discussed the cue card: Describe some technology that you decided to stop using so that you can answer well in the exam.

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Smartphone: Describe some technology that you decided to stop using

  • When and where did you get this technology?

This can be a shocking thing but yes I stopped using the smartphone which I bought after my 12th education board. I was excited about my smartphone but at the same time, the main thing about the smartphone was that it was supposed to help me but at that time I was getting disturbed.

  • Why did you start using this technology?

I started using the smartphone because I wanted to learn new skills and di have learnt that technology can do a lot of things. I always wondered about using technology to improve myself and this helps me learn new skills that will be helpful in my professional career development.

  • Why did you decide to stop using it?

When I was preparing myself for the professional examinations, I had to invest a lot of time in my studies so that I could be focused on the exam. Furthermore, it is a really important exam for me for the respective job my job and the starting of my career. 

Smartwatch: Describe some technology that you decided to stop using

  • when and where did you get this technology?

Technology is moving forward at a very high pace, and I also use many of the technologies in much daily life. Here I will talk about the technology that I stopped using is my smartwatch. When I completed my graduation, my brother gifted me a smartwatch. It was a precious gift to me by my brother. I used to use the smartwatch to connect to my mobile phone and also for time management.

  • why start using this technology

The Smartwatch is helpful for me as technology as it helps me to easily communicate with relatives, this is also a very convenient product but in fact, I got too bored of using the technology in my daily routine.

  • Why did you decide to stop using it?

I decided to stop using the smartwatch when I started feeling so bored and fragile. I always wonder if it will get broken if I somehow drop it on the floor by accident or by anything. I surely believe there are many advantages to using the smartwatch, but I feel that it would be nice if I could reduce the use of this technology in my life. It would reduce the cost of using the internet on the technology and also allow me to use my time to do something else better.

Instagram: Describe some technology that you decided to stop using

  • when and where did You use this technology?

I used to use Instagram strictly, but I’ve decided to quit using it now. During my final year of college, approximately five years ago, I became a user of Instagram. I downloaded this software from the Google Play Store, which allows users of Android smartphones to download any app they like.

  • why did you start using this technology?

I was seeking a means to share pictures of my life and interact with pals at the time. Instagram appeared to be the ideal answer because it provided a simple social networking and photo-sharing platform.

  • Why did you decide to stop using it?

But as time went on, things started to shift in my connection with Instagram. I noticed that as my obsession with the platform grew, I would spend hours perusing through my feed and keeping an eye out for new upgrades. I was obsessed with my follower count and likes, and I started comparing my life to other people’s pictures.

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Followup Questions: Describe some technology that you decided to stop using

Do you think modern technology has many disadvantages?

Of course, yes, every coin has two sides, just as technology also has some drop eggs, like people becoming less social now because of this and spending more time on their devices or technology.

Do you think people depend on modern technology?

Most people depend on modern technology for their daily lives. In the past, most people were dependent on physical activity to do a job but now people are dependent on machines, which reduce the time and effort.

In what ways do you think people will benefit from technology?

I think most other technologies will be more convenient than they are in the present time, and I also think technology will be less consuming and less expensive, so everyone will be dependent on technology in the future.

Do you think parents should limit their children’s time spent on the phone?

The lifetime of kids has become more dangerous to their health because they are always in their form, which damages their eyesight, so to prevent this, parents should keep track of their children.

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