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TOEFL Exam Pattern & Syllabus (2024): Find Out the Latest TOEFL Exam Pattern & Syllabus

July 22, 2022
TOEFL Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2022: Find Out the Latest TOEFL Exam Pattern & Syllabus

TOEFL is one of the popular tests for getting admission to any of the top colleges abroad. It tests the English proficiency of an applicant and determines the eligibility criteria for studying a particular course. Hence, knowing the exam pattern and how to score well on this test is imperative. Undoubtedly, you will receive immense help from the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. If you are ready to sit for the TOEFL test in 2022, check out the timing now.

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Let us describe the different categories of papers you need to write for this test. Furthermore, you will also learn about the total marks of one paper, divided into specific segments. So, start the journey now and know the latest TOEFL syllabus and paper pattern in complete detail.


Contents Of TOEFL Paper

There are three categories in the TOEFL paper. Moreover, the duration of the exam is three hours. You will get several multiple-choice questions in the English listening and reading section. According to the latest exam pattern for the 2022 TOEFL, there are separate segments for

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

The number of questions contained in the sections for listening and reading related to English varies between 58 and 79. However, you will find descriptive questions in the Writing section. So, the format of the paper is a combined one. A reliable study abroad consultant will arrange for different mock tests to ensure your score is well in the final round. Thus, this particular examination of English language proficiency will measure how much skilled you are in different branches of the language.

Comparatively, TOEFL is easier than similar other exams in the English language. Hence, any average student can sit for this test without much difficulty. Most of the universities abroad accept the scores of TOEFL making your path to a bright future easily accessible. The cut-off marks of the exam are different for various universities. Therefore, you should be aware of the respective criteria before going to an institute. You will get all the information from the best overseas education consultant in Delhi.

TOEFL In More Detail

The general scores acceptable in most foreign institutions are 82.6 for postgraduate students and 74.2 for undergraduate students. Every year, more than 35 million aspirants prove their English aptitude by scoring high marks in the exam. The scoreboard will begin at 0 and end at 120.

Let us now have a look at the detailed pattern of TOEFL. After covering two sections, you will get a small break of ten minutes.

  • Reading: There will be 36 to 56 questions that you should answer within 60-80 minutes. You must thoroughly read the 3 or 4 passages to answer the questions correctly.
  • Listening: There will be 34 to 51 questions to be answered within 60-90 minutes. Here, you have to listen to some audio clips involving 4 to 6 lectures and 2 or 3 long conversations.
  • Speaking: It is a 20-minute long test where you must do six tasks. You have to speak on different topics related to academics and family affairs.
  • Writing: Here, you have to complete two tasks within 50 minutes involving logical arguments and providing opinions on specific lectures.

Types Of The Questions At A Glance

TOEFL presents a comprehensive approach to test the English capability of the student covering all the areas. It assesses performance by measuring the responses to various situations and tests the analytical power of the students. With the help of the study abroad consultants in Delhi, you will get insights on cracking these exams for studying abroad. Please follow the essential tips for a wonderful performance in three hours.

The questions are framed on various topics as mentioned below;-

  • Factual Information
  • Negative Factual Information
  • Sentence Explanation
  • Inference and Rhetorical
  • Prose Summary
  • Inserting correct text
  • Recognizing Vocabulary

The listening part of TOEFL consists of two categories per the recent pattern, viz. Conversations and Lectures. You can see the speakers as they appear on the screen for the audio clips. Multiple accents of English will be there to make the test more challenging.

Connect with Admissify Edutech today to get the mock test papers for TOEFL. Regular practising will improve your skills significantly, leading to a fabulous result. The expert faculty will teach how to deal with complex situations.

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