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Study in Spain for Indian Students: Courses, Universities, Scholarships(2024)

June 6, 2024
Study In Spain

Have you always dreamt of studying surrounded by the grandeur of Europe, the roars of legendary Barcelonaian football fans, the Gothic Cathedrals, or the bliss of the Mediterranean Coastline? Well, you’ve made the correct choice then.

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Studying in Spain is not only for education but also a journey through culture. Spain certainly gives importance to learning, they spend around USD 11,123 per student every year and devote 29% of their economic resources to education. This dedication makes Spanish universities reasonably priced, demonstrating how much value they place on knowledge and future student investment.

You will feel the fire of flamenco, taste local tapas with their unique flavors, and even learn Cervantes’ language. Spain is a country full of beauty that has inspired many artists throughout history – it’s like the muse herself whispered secrets about creativity to Picasso and Dalí. So, isn’t this just perfect for starting your own artistic success story?

Why Study in Spain for Indian Students?

Climatic Conditions: Spain is a blessing for summer lovers. So, if you love the warmth of the sun and like to capture stunning hues in the sky; grab sangria or sparkling water because now it is time for some best moments of your stay. The temperature can rise above 40 degrees during the summer season but the rest months have a nice climate, especially in the southern part of the country. 

Outdoor Activities: Spain has a wide variety of outdoor activities that allow people to refresh themselves from their daily routines. You can find many fun things to do in the water such as swimming, riding on a banana boat, going kayaking, or windsurfing. For those who love mountains and hills, there are hiking or biking trails as well as snowboarding and paragliding among other options available here too! 

Healthiest Nation:  Spain has been announced as the healthiest country worldwide according to Bloomberg Global Health Index 2023. Spanish people, who follow a Mediterranean diet, eat lots of fish and seafood along with vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds plus legumes in their meals; they steer clear of processed food. Moreover, this nation boasts Europe’s greatest proportion of walkers.

Fiestas: Spain, known for its deep religious traditions, holds festivals that let tourists experience customs famous worldwide. If you want to have some light-hearted fun, join the world’s biggest tomato fight or ‘La Tomatina’ festival in August every year. Another fest organized is Semana Grande of Bilbao for 9 days; it’s a jolly affair with concerts, bullfights, and performances as well as exhibitions and many other competitions.

Key Highlights: Study in Spain

Total Universities77 
Top Cities for StudentsMadrid, Seville, Barcelona, Valencia
Total International Students208,367 
Study CyclesBachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate
Medium of InstructionSpanish, Catalan, Basque
Part-Time Job Hours20 Hours per week
Living Cost for StudentsINR 980478 to INR 11,98,443per year

Education System in Spain

Spain has a structured education system where they give multiple-level degrees to students from other countries. Normally, a Bachelor’s degree takes four years and you need to get 240 ECTS credits to pass this level. When you already have a bachelor’s degree, you can choose to study for a master’s degree which usually takes 1-2 years. Moreover, a PhD may also be obtained with the duration typically being 3 to 5 years. For grading, Spanish universities use two scales and often follow the 0 to 10 grading scale.

Universities in Spain have two semesters, starting in October and finishing at the end of June. The country adheres to the Bologna Process which has restructured European teaching methods. The Ministerio de Educación or Ministry of Education is responsible for monitoring the education system in Spain.

The country has higher education institutions that are top-ranked and have a good reputation worldwide. Some of the famous ones are the University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Madrid, Complutense University in Madrid, etc. Great business schools like IE Business School or Esade Business School – make this place among the top 10 across Europe too!

Academic Cycles

1st Cycle: Bachelor’s or UG degree (total ECTS credits: 240)

2nd Cycle: Master’s of PG degree (total ECTS credits: 60-120)

3rd Cycle: PhD or Spanish Doctoral degrees (ECTS credits per academic year: 60)

Most of the classes in Spain use Spanish as their language of instruction, but there are many institutes where lessons are given in English. So, people who don’t know Spanish well or cannot understand it can choose diverse courses taught in English provided by both private and public universities. Everyone with a deep interest in learning the Spanish language can take courses before starting their undergraduate studies.

Top Courses in Spain

Each year more than a thousand international students enroll at Universities in Spain to pursue their careers. In addition to the flexible study conditions offered by the Spanish education system, students are also proud of being a part of globally acclaimed universities. Many courses promising brilliant growth are available for students to choose from.

Some of the top stream-wise courses are mentioned below along with the universities where they are offered.

Top Courses in SpainSpanish Universities Offering the Course
LawPompeu Fabra UniversityUniversity of NavarraUniversity of BarcelonaUniversity of ValenciaIE Law School
Arts & HumanitiesAutonomous University of BarcelonaUniversity of BarcelonaUniversity of GranadaUniversity of ValenciaComplutense University of Madrid
Marketing & FinanceEU Business SchoolIE Business SchoolUniversidad Carlos III de MadridPompeu Fabra UniversityEsade Barcelona Pedralbes Campus
Hospitality ManagementLes Roches MarbellaUCAM Universidad Catolica San Antonio de MurciaGBSB Global Business SchoolUniversity of the Balearic IslandsThe Global American University
NursingUniversity of JaenUGR GranadaUniversidad Francisco de VitoriaUniversity of BarcelonaCEU  Cardinal Herrera University

Top 5 Universities to Study in Spain for Indian Students

UniversityYearly Tuition for Bachelor’s program (INR)Yearly Tuition for Master’s Program (INR)
Complutense University of Madrid6.12L – 7.39L3.12 – 4.91L
Universitat de Barcelona4.45 – 5.1L5.96 – 7.1L
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona/Madrid3.51 – 4.76L4.2 – 4.5L
University of Granada82 – 91K81 – 91K
University of Salamanca64K – 1.63L86K – 2.45L

Let us now briefly discuss the top 5 universities in Spain for Indian students along with their popular courses.

1. Complutense University of Madrid

Founded in 1293 the Complutense University of Madrid or the UCM goes back in history and is one of the oldest-standing Universities in the world. It is located in the heart of Madrid and the name is reminiscent of the ancient Roman settlement of Complutum.

Here are the popular courses offered at the Complutense University of Madrid. 

Popular CoursesDuration
International Degree in Law5 years
Integrated Bachelors and Master’s Degree program in Political Science with a Concentration in Human Rights and Social and Political Innovation5 years
Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry5 years

2. Universitat de Barcelona

Founded in 1450, the UB is one of Spain’s most prestigious universities and has been consistently ranked as the country’s best by the US News & World Report and THE.

According to the QS rankings 2024, its medical program ranks #47 globally and #2 among European universities. 

Popular program at Universitat de Bracelona are:

Popular CoursesDuration
Double degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and Software Engineering5 years
Double Degree in Business Administration & Management + Sociology6 years 
Bachelor’s degree in Nursing4 years

3. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona/Madrid

This European institution is renowned for its excellent research and high-quality teaching. More than 5000 International students have chosen this university for their careers this year.

Popular courses offered at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona/Madrid are:

Popular CoursesDuration
Bachelor’s in Artificial Intelligence 4 years
Master’s Degree in Psychobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience1 year
Master’s in Data Science(inter-university course)1 year
Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism4 years

4. University of Granada

This University is good news for all international students as it is one of the most affordable options on the list of top universities to study in Spain. Apart from hosting 5 of the 7 campuses it also extends its campuses across continents thus creating a traditional university environment.

The top Courses of Granda University are:

Popular CoursesDuration
Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Activity & Sports Science4 years
Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing 4 years
Master’s Degree in Psychology & Social Intervention1 year
Master’s Degree in Architecture1 year

5. University of Salamanca

Another good news for your pocket is the University of Salamanca. It can also be considered a legendary university as it encouraged and supported Columbus’s Voyage to the West. This a proof that this University has encouraged research then and now.

Popular courses offered at the University of Salamanca are:

Popular CoursesDuration
Bachelors in Psychology 4 years
Bachelors in Business Administration & Management4 years
Masters in English, Languages & Culture1 year

Admission Requirement to Study in Spain

In the past year, Spain has witnessed a growth in International student enrollment by 47%. Here is a basic list of admission requirements for international students to study in Spain.

  1. Educational degrees & Certificates: High school certificates and transcripts for bachelor’s and Graduation degree for Masters with specialization in the related field.
  2. Passport: A valid passport is a necessity for every international student.
  3. Language Proficiency: You must prove proficiency in both Spanish and English language.

Below mentioned is the language proficiency requirement of some of the Universities.

UniversityTOEFL ScoreIELTS Score
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona775.4+
Universitat de Barcelona815.4+
Complutense University of Madrid916.6+
  1. Financial Proof: You will be required to provide financial documents to show that you can support yourself in a foreign land.

Cost of Living in Spain

Here’s a table with the  breakdown of the average yearly cost of living in Spain for Indian Students in INR

Expense (Yearly)Cost (INR)
Cost of Food1.37L
Tuition Fee1.81L
Health Insurance1.09L
Annual Cost of Studying in Spain12.84L

Cost of Studying in Spain

Many factors affect the cost of studying in a foreign country like the type of University, course, scholarship, etc.

Here’s a breakdown of the Cost of Study in Spain for Indian students.

Estimated range of tuition fees according to credits

  • First enrollment- INR 1090 to INR 2790 per credit
  • Second Enrollment- INR 2270 to 4530 per credit
  • Third Enrollment- INR 4530 to INR 9050 per credit

The average cost of studying a UG course in Spain is:

DurationCredits RequiredCost Range (INR)
3-Year Course1801.96 – 4.89L
4-Year Course2402.61 – 6.52L

Scholarships to Study in Spain for Indian Students

Here are the top scholarships available in Spain for Indian students:

ScholarshipApproximate Grant (INR)
Global Experiences Generation Study AbroadINR 1.26 – 2.09L per semester
Spanish Studies Abroad Merit-basedINR 1.26L per semester
UIC Barcelona20% financial aid of annual fee

Job Opportunities in Spain

The Spanish market is diverse and versatile. There are many job opportunities available for Indian and International students. Here’s a list of the same:

ProfessionAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Business Administration Manager36.24 – 64.38L
Marketing Director70.52L
Information Technology (IT) Manager45.6L

You can get help from this information to decide which course to choose and study in Spain.


Spain, with its strong cultural history, top universities, and dedication to diversity, becomes an outstanding choice for Indian students looking for an unmatched learning adventure. Studying in Spain doesn’t only mean getting a high-quality education but also encourages personal development, understanding of different cultures, and thinking on a worldwide level that will surely shape successful futures. Take the chance to begin a journey that will change your life.

We at  ADMISSIFY are there to walk each step towards your dream with you by providing help from counseling to immigration and post-departure services. Get in touch with us at info@admissify.com


What are the costs of studying in Spain for Indian students?

Though there can be differences in costs, Spain is generally an affordable option for education compared to many Western countries. If Indian students manage their money carefully along with possible scholarships or assistantships, it might be feasible for them to study well in Spain without great financial worries.

How challenging is it to adapt to the Spanish culture and lifestyle?

Spain has a lively and friendly culture that helps international students transition more easily. While there might be some initial adjustments, the kind welcome and open-hearted nature of Spanish people can quickly make you feel comfortable. 

Are there language barriers for non-Spanish speakers?

Though the main language used is Spanish, several universities have special programs taught in English to cater to international students. It’s a good idea to learn Spanish as it can be very beneficial. At universities, they usually give help with languages so that you can deal with any difficulties at first when it comes to communication.

What are the job prospects after studying in Spain?

Close connections with the worldwide job market and being a doorway to Europe make Spain an attractive place for building careers. Having a degree from Spain can lead to jobs in international companies, research organizations, or setting up own businesses. The skills you learn about understanding different cultures can be very helpful in today’s global work environment.

How can Indian students connect with the local community?

Spanish universities, promote cultural interaction and usually have student groups, buddy systems, and social gatherings to encourage connections between local and foreign students. By joining in these activities you can create a supportive network for yourself, understand the customs of the place better, and become part of this lively Spanish culture.

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