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List of Top Universities In Winnipeg(2024)

March 1, 2024
Top Universities In Winnipeg 

If you want to study in Canada, Winnipeg is undoubtedly one of the areas you should be considering. International students can benefit greatly from this location’s quality universities and engaging learning opportunities. The University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg are the two best-performing universities in Winnipeg out of six. This list includes Winnipeg’s private and public institutions.

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These Winnipeg universities are well-known worldwide and have a high QS ranking in North America. They are also well-equipped with top-notch professors, good enrollment rates for international students (both UG and PG), and research facilities. A few of these institutions are approved by Student Direct Stream (SDS) as designated learning institutions. You may also find facts on the number of international and foreign students, scholarships, spouse visas, placement and career information, offer letter processing time, offer letter charge, acceptance rate, application processing time, accommodation time, and other things on this list. For additional information about exchange students, classroom amenities, auditoriums, labs, learning environments, internships, and part-time jobs that specific colleges and universities offer, click the links provided in each section.

Average Fees Of The Top Universities In Winnipeg 

The University of Manitoba is the most highly ranked university in Winnipeg out of all of them. Excellent programs are available in a variety of topics at universities including the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg. Winnipeg offers lower university tuition than other provinces like British Columbia or Alberta.

UniversitiesAverage Tuition Fee UG (INR)Average Tuition Fee PG (INR)
University of Manitoba11,60,167 per year 14,25,324 per year 
Red River College10,28,886 per year 8,05,708 per year 
University of Saint-Boniface13,18,594 per year 13,66,730 per year 
Canadian Mennonite University6,62,1898,87,366
Redekop School of Business6,62,18926,79,136
University of Winnipeg9,06,35715,88,647
Booth University College9,19,584
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Top Universities In Winnipeg 

  1. Manitoba University

The largest and only research-intensive institution in the province, Manitoba institution was established as the first university in Western Canada. In more than 100 fields, the University of Manitoba provides graduate and undergraduate degrees up to the PhD level. The University of Manitoba has a 53% acceptance rate on average, making it a somewhat selective institution. Twenty percent of all students are international, with a representation of about 140 nations.

Rank 671-680
Average tuition feeBetween INR 11.70 to 15.76 lakhs
Number of courses Over 100 
Admission requirements IELTS: 6.5 SOP 2-3 LOR CV GPA: 3.0
Intakes Summer, Fall, Winter
Scholarships Available 
  1. University of Winnipeg 

Although the University of Winnipeg’s history dates far further back, its charter was formally granted in 1967. In 1938, two of the area’s oldest institutions merged to become United College, the institution’s forerunner. The institution takes great pride in its dedication to the environment, indigenous scholarship, and small but varied class sizes. It is home to several renowned research and creative hubs, such as the Richardson College for the Environment & Science Complex, one of Canada’s most cutting-edge science hubs where academics and students tackle some of the most pressing problems facing humanity. Adding to the already well-known services of its Department of Theatre and Film is the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film.

Parameter Details
Average tuition feeBetween INR 9.85 and 18.78 lakhs
Number of courses Over 400 
Admission requirements IELTS 3.0 GPA; SOP 2 LOR
Intakes Autumn, Winter, and Spring
Scholarships Available 
  1. Canadian Mennonite University 

Born out of the merger of three institutions, Canadian Mennonite University is a relatively new Christian university in Manitoba that provides a four-year education in all majors. The university is open to all students, regardless of background, and is founded in Mennonite Christian communities and their traditions. It is supported by the Mennonite Church of Canada and the Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba. The institution encourages students to pursue occupations that are individually fulfilling, socially conscious, and environmentally beneficial by offering vocation-centered education. Every program is driven by a dedication to justice and peace, which mends a broken world and fosters hope.

Rank 52
Average tuition feeCAD 17,835/ YEAR 
Number of courses Over 100
Admission requirements IELTS 3.0 GPA; SOP 2 LOR
Intakes Summer, winter, fall
Scholarships Available 
  1. Southern University of Manitoba

The School of Nursing and Studies and the Technical and Vocational School are the two college schools housed inside the University of St. Boniface. International students can apply to the University of St. Boniface’s more than 38 degree programs, which include diploma, baccalaureate, certificate, and master’s degrees. Admission is granted on a semester-by-semester basis.

Parameter Details
Rank 671-680
Average tuition feeBetween INR 11.70 to 15.76 lakhs
Number of courses Over 100 
Admission requirements IELTS: 6.5 SOP 2-3 LOR CV GPA: 3.0
Intakes Summer, fall, winters 
Scholarships Available 
  1. Red River College Polytechnic

One of Manitoba’s biggest hubs for applied and technical education and research is Red River College Polytechnic (RRC Polytech). There are eight campuses spread throughout the province: three are located in Winnipeg and five are in other areas, including rural areas. The institute, as a polytechnic college, prioritises offering instruction that is both practical and hands-on. Its goal is to get students ready for the workforce so they may launch their careers and boost the province’s economy.

Parameter Details
Average tuition feeBetween INR 8.05 to 10.28 lakhs
Number of courses 200+
Admission requirements IELTS: 5.5 GPA; 2.5 GRE is necessary
Intakes Fall and Spring
Scholarships Available 
  1. Redekop Business School

Courses in business management, accounting, human resources, social entrepreneurship, and international business are offered by the Redekop School of Business. The MBA program is the sole graduate program offered at Redekop. An application fee of 8,576 INR must be paid by international students in order to be admitted to the Redekop School of Business.

Parameter Details
Average tuition fee6.62 – 26.79 lakhs Indian rupees
Number of courses More than 7 courses are offered.
Admission requirements IELTS: 6.5\ SOP LOR GMAT: 3.5;
Intakes spring and fall.
Scholarships Available 
  1. Booth University College

Originally called the Catherine Booth Bible College, the Salvation Army founded Booth University College as a biblical studies institution. The institute was repositioned as a “growing Christian university college of choice” in response to changes in the requirements of both society and the founding organization. With the addition of new study programs and the restructuring of existing ones, it saw a massive shift and saw a notable increase in enrollment. The fundamental goal and dedication of the college is “education for a better world.” It seeks to prepare students to actively work toward improving the world in addition to understanding its current situation. The college offers undergraduate degrees, associate degrees, and certificate programs in a variety of subjects while fusing academic excellence with a Christian worldview.

Parameter Details
Average tuition feeINR 7.87 Lakhs +/-
Number of courses 8+
Admission requirements IELTS: 6.5; GPA: 2.0;
Intakes Winter and Fall in Canada
Scholarships Available 

Admission Requirements For Admission In Top Universities Of Winnipeg 

In Canada, a bachelor’s degree requires three to four years to complete, whereas a master’s degree can be finished in 1.5 to 2 years. Business, engineering and technology, medicine, and the arts are among the popular programs in Canada. Via the university website, students can submit direct applications to universities in Canada. Nearly all Canadian universities have the same admissions standards. A few of these standard requirements are

  • Four years for a bachelor’s degree
  • Translations of non-English transcripts certified
  • Resumé
  • Mission Statement
  • Proof of monetary assistance
  • letters of recommendation
  • Evidence of fluency in English 


Examining all of your possibilities is crucial when deciding where to attend tertiary education. It might be difficult to know where to begin searching in Winnipeg because there are so many various kinds of universities, degrees, and schools available.

Thus, if you’re seeking an inexpensive education, don’t forget to investigate the top public institutions in Winnipeg!


What is Winnipeg College’s ranking?

Winnipeg’s University (Uwinnipeg): Courses, Fees, Rankings…

Among the best universities in Canada is the University of Winnipeg. The University of Winnipeg is ranked in the top 10% of universities worldwide by the CWUR 2023. The University of Winnipeg was ranked #1975 globally and #40 in Canada by CWUR 2023.

Why is Winnipeg such a well-known city?

Referred to as the “Gateway to the West,” Winnipeg is a varied transportation and railroad hub. Numerous annual festivals are held in this cosmopolitan metropolis, such as Folklorama, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Jazz Winnipeg Festival, the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, and the Festival du Voyageur.

In Winnipeg, how many universities are there?

Six institutions with 67 academic programs are part of Winnipeg’s higher education system. Additionally, there are two master’s degrees at one university and 65 bachelor’s programs at six universities.

Why should I study in Winnipeg?

The cost of living in Canada’s large cities is far higher for those thinking of studying there, yet Winnipeg has a clear advantage: With average housing expenses roughly 42% cheaper than the national average, Manitoba boasts some of the lowest housing and rental costs in the country.

What benefits does Manitoba University offer?

Studying in Manitoba gives you the chance to pay reasonable tuition and receive a top-notch education in state-of-the-art facilities. 

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