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Project Manager Salary in Canada in 2024

February 29, 2024
Project Manager Salary in Canada

In businesses of all sizes, project managers are crucial in organizing, wearing out, and concluding projects efficiently and successfully. Project managers in Canada are critical to agencies’ success, and as such, their pay is commensurate with the importance of their work. This article examines the capability earnings for assignment managers in Canada in 2024 and the opportunities and prerequisites for the placement.

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What is the meaning of project management?

The exercise of guiding a crew to perform unique objectives and satisfy specific achievement standards in a given term and budget is referred to as project management. It entails organizing, coordinating, leading, managing, and concluding a team’s work which will fulfill predetermined goals and success standards.

Are Project Management Courses in Canada a Good Way to Start a Career?

It is viable to have a fulfilling career in Canada with the aid of taking project control publications. Canada, which is renowned for having a pinnacle-notch instructional system, has plenty of project control courses that can enhance your knowledge within the region.

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What is the Canadian salary for a project manager?

Obtaining a project management position in Canada is greatly aided by acquiring a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. In the meantime, the common starting wage for a project manager (with a diploma degree) in several professions is within the range of CAD 38,000 to CAD 56,000 annually. On the other hand, Certified PMPs normally make between CAD 80,000 and CAD 130,000 annually. The common profits are still pretty high even though it relies upon character standards like years of experience and the business enterprise one joins. A review of the income dispersion amongst businesses and regions may be visible in the table below.

Project Manager Salary: An illustration of typical PMP pay by location

RegionAverage salaries (in CAD)
Toronto$ 89,900

Project Manager Salary(s) Company Wise

CompanyAverage salaries (in CAD)
SNC-Lavalin$242, 300
Rogers Communications$82,900
Bell Canada$73,700

Qualifications to Enroll in a Project Management Program in Canada

In Canadian universities, project management courses are frequently provided as one or two-year courses, diplomas, or master’s courses. Organizing and dealing with the assets needed to finish a project in a dynamic environment is an ability that may be discovered in a project management college.

Motives for enrolling in a project management course in Canada

According to the Project Management Institute, 15.7 million new project management jobs will be created globally over the next few years, with Canada accounting for the majority of these jobs. The Project Management Job Growth and Skill Gap 2017–2027 record by Anderson Economic Group (AEG) initiatives a 33% boom in project management jobs in the most important industries.

With over 572,415 students studying there in 2018, the Canadian Bureau of Foreign Education claims that Canada is one of the most famous study-abroad nations for overseas college students. Enrollment of college students has surged by 154% when you consider that 2010 because of the high quality of education provided by Canadian schools.

Qualifications for Project Management Education in Canada

Masters in Project Management Admission in Canada Conditions:

  • An undergraduate degree lasting 4 years. A bachelor’s diploma with a composite rating of at least 60 from a Canadian university or one with international accreditation. 
  • GMAT result.
  • Relevant professional history.
  • Any other English proficiency test as an outside language rating, which includes the TOEFL or IELTS. 
  • Prood of talent in English with an IELTS rating of 6.5 or above.
  • A minimum of 70% in a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering is required of candidates.
  • In Canada, management colleges normally require a GMAT rating of 550, although this could vary from 500 to 600.

Minimum Requirements for English Language Testing

University NameProgram NameMinimum Required Scores for TOEFL (iBT)Minimum Required Scores for IELTS
University of British ColumbiaMSc Civil Engineering- Project Management; MEng Civil Engineering- Project Management1007.0
University of CalgaryMSc Civil Engineering- Project Management;MEng Civil Engineering- Project Management866.5
Northeastern UniversityMaster of Science in Project Management796.5
University of New BrunswickMBA in Project Management93

Career options in Canada after master’s degree

There are numerous fields in which you may launch your project management career. A few examples of industries are authorities, media, finance and coverage, autos, telecommunications, IT, and schooling. Owing to the tremendous know-how required, assignment control (MPM) master’s salaries are typically excessive. The first pay scale generally stages from $38,000 to $56,000 yearly. Salary tiers for knowledgeable workers with credentials vary from $85,000 to $120,000, depending on the position and the agency.

The following is a listing of jobs for project management master’s degree holders.

  • Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)
  • Project Manager, Information Technology (IT)
  • Senior Project Manager, IT
  • Project Manager, Construction
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Program Manager
  • Project Coordinator

Without any experience, how can I grow to be a project manager?

Getting a project management certification, such as the PMP (Project Management Professional) or CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management), is a good place to begin if you don’t have any experience running as a project manager. You can collect the expertise required to succeed in the discipline of project management with the aid of those credentials.

What qualifications are required for project management?

A mixture of technical, human-oriented, and leadership skills is vital for project management success. Among the vital skills wished for project management are:

  • Exquisite capacity to talk
  • Exemplary leadership skills
  • Ability to remedy issues
  • Time control capabilities
  • Skills in handling a price range
  • Skills in hazard control
  • Skills for managing stakeholders

Canada Intakes:

Winter Intake in Canada 

Fall Intake in Canada

Summer Intake in Canada


In conclusion, a project manager’s pay in Canada in 2024 will rely upon several variables, such as region, industry, experience, and training. Although project managers in Canada frequently earn decent salaries, people can beautify their income ability by pursuing career progression, obtaining additional certifications, and specializing in industries with high demand. All things taken into consideration, project management remains a rewarding vicinity for experts seeking out a demanding and pleasurable profession route in Canada.


In 2024, what is the average project manager salary in Canada?

In Canada, a project manager’s regular pay varies based on industry, region, and degree of expertise. But as of 2024, the common annual pay is between CAD 85,000 and CAD 110,000.

Do Canadian project managers get advantages past their pay?

Indeed, loads of organizations in Canada offer project managers extra perks which include incentives, paid time without work, retirement plans, and medical insurance.

Do project manager salaries in Canada vary depending on where they work?

Indeed, project managers’ pay varies substantially depending on the vicinity or province. Project managers in principal cities like Toronto and Vancouver, for example, would possibly make more money than those in smaller ones.

Which Canadian industries pay project managers the most cash?

Because of the complexity and length of their tasks, Canadian industries like technology, banking, and engineering regularly pay their project managers greater.

Does Canada require project managers?

Indeed, assignment managers are in high call for in Canada, especially in sectors that can be developing and expanding.

Are there task progression possibilities for project managers in Canada?

There are probabilities for project managers in Canada to grow in their careers. These opportunities include taking on senior project management responsibilities or shifting into allied disciplines like government management or software management.

What credentials and capabilities are needed in Canada to work as a project manager?

In Canada, a bachelor’s degree in an applicable field, like enterprise management or engineering, is usually required for project manager positions. Additional requirements consist of applicable work experience and mission management certifications, like PMP (Project Management Professional). Effective management, organizing, and communication abilities are also essential for this role to be successful.

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