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Top 10 Career Options After 12th Commerce For High Salary(2024)

February 16, 2024
Career Options After 12th Commerce For High Salary

Have you chosen Commerce as your stream and are confused regarding your career choices? Well, look no further. Commerce is a popular stream among students for higher secondary education in India. Students who have studied commerce in grades 11 and 12 have the option to choose multiple courses at the graduation level, which gives them a range of various career choices. One of the major benefits of the commerce degree is that they can choose multiple career options in not just business but IT, humanities, and research as well. In this article, we will read about all the course selections after 12th grade. But first, look at the most popular courses in the commerce stream for students after their 12th class.

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What is a Bachelor of Commerce? 

Bachelor of Commerce, or BCom, is among the most popular courses for Commerce stream students. This course allows you to gain knowledge in accounting, business, economics, and mathematics as an optional subject for all students. A BCom Degree allows you to get a degree in majors offered as BCom Hons or B.Com General. The commerce stream can be categorized into two groups: commerce with math and commerce without math.  At the same time, students who have studied mathematics in their 11th and 12th grades can opt for Bcom Hons, while those who have studied commerce without math can opt for Bcom General.

Top Courses After 12th Grade With Mathematics

The list of career options after 12th commerce with mathematics are as follows:

  1. BCom (Honours)

BCom Honours is one of the most popular undergraduate courses among students in the commerce category with mathematics. The course allows the individual student to get different courses at the university level, which are the top colleges at Delhi University, which are some of the top-ranking colleges in India for B.Com. honours. Along with that, the honours degree in the BCom allows you to get a specific specialization in one particular subject, which is beneficial for your overall development.

  1. BCom Accounting and Taxation

Students who wish to make a career in the field of banking and insurance should take up accounting and taxation, as the curriculum of the course includes the Indian tax system, financial accounting, value-added tax, and most importantly, the central tax procedure along with financial accounting. It does include the principles of management and business communication, which gives an individual student a view of what they have been studying for a very long time and helps them to be a good banker and insurance agent.

  1. BCom Statistics

This course opens up various opportunities for students in economic research and analysis. A student can choose to be a civil servant. Data analytics education Consulting and government organizations are some of the career options in this field, which excites the candidates to pursue their B.Com. in statistics. The course includes the study of applied information economics, applied statistics, business statistics, democracy, etc.

  1. BCom in Management Accounting and International Finance

A B.Com. in management accounting and international finance is a good career option for individual students who wish to pursue international business at the master’s level. The course provides you with exposure to international business and is USA CMA. Whereas the CMA is a professional degree that you can take as a separate degree as well.

  1. BCom in Accounting

All the individual students are required to go for competitive exams and the banking exam. Chartered Accountancy or the company secretary must opt for the BCom in Accounting. This course includes the Indian Financial System, Financial Operation Market, Financial Management, and Management Accounting, along with the principles of marketing and many other things, which helps the individual student be ready for most of the comparative exams that are important for their job perspective.

  1. BCom Applied Economics

The B.Com trains the students to gain knowledge of the various expectations of economics and these economic environmental problems and solutions. The course curriculum includes microeconomics, macroeconomics, public economics, the most important Indian economic development, and many more.

  1. BCom Banking & Finance

It covers all the expectations of the BFSI industries and insurance, along with many other things that help the individual student improve their overall careers. With the help of this course, the individual student can be an auditor, analyst, equity manager, wealth manager, account manager, stockbroker, market analyst, or anything else.

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Top Courses After 12th Grade Without Mathematics

List of the best career options after 12th commerce without mathematics are as follows:

  1. BCom (General)

B.Com. General courses are one of the most popular career options after 12th grade for Commerce students without math, as this course is very popular among students to get their bachelor’s degree through correspondence or the distance learning code while pursuing a vocational degree in regular mode. This degree does not give you a specialization in any subject but at the same time, you will understand the different topics covered in this course.

  1. BCom Business Administration

BCom Business Administration is a good option for students who want to make a career in business administration and management. Over the course, you will gain exposure to the business environment, including accounting, business law, marketing, and business organization. Corporate law, retail marketing, and many more.

  1. BCom Marketing

BCom marketing specializes students in techniques and methods of planning and managing activities for business organizations.  The course opens various career opportunities after a B.Com. in marketing, as marketing is one of the four pillars of any business organization. Marketing graduates are in high demand in every industry, which allows them to get benefits in terms of jobs.

  1. BCom Tourism & Travel Management

B.Com in Tourism and Travel Management is specific to the tourism industry. The course focuses on the practical expectations of the industry, apart from business operations and other core subjects studied under this degree, which is beneficial for individual students to learn about the impact on the world economy of environmental laws and regulations along with international travel laws and tourism management.

Other popular career options after 12th commerce

There are many other options available for the commerce student, the other career options after 12th commerce are as follows:

  1. Company Secretary (CS):

The company secretary teaches you how firms operate. You help them obey the rules and maintain everything in order. It’s like being the company’s rule enforcer. After studying computer science, you can work for a variety of companies, ensuring that everything is done legally· It’s an important job that pays well and ensures that businesses run smoothly· 

  1. BCA (IT and Software):

BCA teaches you about computers and how to create programs. It’s similar to learning how to create and utilize apps on smartphones and desktops. After studying BCA, you might work with large corporations and assist them with their computer needs· You might create new apps or address issues with websites· Most students think it’s a wonderful job where you can make high money and have fun working with technology·

  1. Chartered Accountancy (CA):

Chartered accounting is all about finance and business. Students will learn how to manage money for large corporations and ensure that they pay their taxes accurately, it does include the calculation of the taxation. It’s like being a financial expert for a company or a firm. After becoming a CA, you can work for banks, or corporations, or establish your own business which would allow you to earn well. It’s a wise job choice because you can make a lot of money while also helping others with their finances.

  1. BA in Humanities & Social Sciences:

A BA in Humanities and Social Sciences focuses on people and society. You learn about history, culture, and interpersonal relationships. It’s like learning about the world and its inhabitants. After earning a BA, you can work in schools, museums, or even create books. It’s a fascinating subject where you can learn a lot while also making a difference in people’s lives.


The commerce stream in India offers a variety of career options after 12th commerce. The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is a popular choice, offering knowledge in accountancy, business, economics, and mathematics. Top courses include BCom Honours, which allows students to specialise in one subject. A BCom in Management Accounting and International Finance prepares students for competitive exams and banking. General courses like BCom Business Administration and BCom Marketing provide exposure to various topics. Students need to look into the specific course of each course so that they can understand what they should pursue for their career opportunity. You can take up the constancy from the overseas admissify team; they provide you with personalized career guidance.


What are the top career options after 12th commerce for a high salary?

Considering your commerce background, lucrative career paths include Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Cost and Management Accountant (CMA), Banking, and Finance.

What qualifications are needed for a career in Chartered Accountancy (CA)?

To pursue a CA, you need to clear the Foundation Course examination after 12th grade, then undergo articleship training, and finally pass the Intermediate and Final examinations conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

Is a career in banking a good option after 12th grade?

Yes, banking offers promising career prospects for commerce students· You can start as a probationary officer (PO) after graduation and move up the ladder to managerial positions with experience and additional qualifications like an MBA·

What is the scope of Company Secretary (CS) as a career choice?

As a company secretary, you play a vital role in the corporate governance, compliance, and legal matters of a company· With increasing regulatory requirements, the demand for CS professionals is on the rise, offering excellent career growth opportunities and high salaries.

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