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5 Things To Be Aware of Before Applying For IELTS (2024)

January 19, 2023
applying for IELTS

If you are looking to study abroad in English-speaking nations, you have probably heard of the word IELTS. Those who are entirely unfamiliar with the aspects of studying abroad frequently wind up scratching their heads. They try to figure out what IELTS stands for! Not any longer! Everything you need to know about IELTS has been gathered by the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. The IELTS test measures your mastery of the English language. IELTS is a criterion for admission to overseas universities where English is commonly used as the medium of instruction. IELTS is widely accepted and used at over 10,000 universities worldwide. Before taking this English proficiency test, let’s look at what you should know.

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    Things To Take Care of 

    1. Different IELTS modules

    The study abroad consultants discovered that there are two types of modules in the IELTS. Both courses serve the same objective of assessing a person’s English competence.

    • Academic IELTS test: IELTS Academic is the first module. Students who want to enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program choose this module. To study overseas and obtain professional registration as a doctor or nurse, candidates must also take the IELTS academic exam.
    • General training test: This is the second module, often known as the GAT or General training test. Study abroad consultants claim that this test is required for anyone who wants to study abroad below the undergraduate level or immigrate to the nation.
    1. Understand how the test is scored

    What do you do to prepare for a test? You review the subject’s requirements, verify the marking scheme, and review the test curriculum. The same is true for IELTS, which has a distinct scoring methodology. One must create a mental map of the IELTS scoring system to comprehend the test’s requirements fully. IELTS paper is divided into four structures: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. Although the reading, writing, and hearing tests can be given online and offline, the best study abroad consultants in Delhi emphasize that speaking tests should always be given offline.

    1. Understanding the scoring pattern

    Looking at the scoring pattern, each question receives one point, and the score is determined by how many correct responses. All questions earn the same score, while there is no negative marking. Also, IELTS converts the raw score into a band score between 0 and 9. IELTS scores are typically regarded as good if they fall in the band of 7 or higher.

    1. Participating in an IELTS training program and creating an action plan

    Students are fully aware of the importance of a study strategy before taking any test. Studying aimlessly is risky because it jeopardizes your clearance prospects and wastes time. As a result, the best overseas education consultants in Delhi advise students to create a well-defined IELTS preparation strategy and stick to it religiously. When developing an IELTS preparation strategy, give equal weightage to English reading, writing, hearing, and speaking.

    If you believe the existing materials are insufficient, you can seek assistance from several study abroad consultants who offer IELTS coaching sessions. Participating in such seminars or training curriculums will enable you to obtain appropriate assistance and mock tests.

    The key to success is that IELTS is not a challenging exam. The more you practice, the easier it will be to obtain the test. If you want to improve your English speaking skills, consider watching American sitcoms and conversing with your pals. This practical strategy helps capture phrases and use them while speaking.

    1. Personal assessment

    When you join IELTS training modules, you will be given many examinations, and your performance will be evaluated and graded. Now, on your part, you must sit and reflect on your strong and weak points. A self-evaluation is a vital tool for looking back on your preparation. Ask yourself as many questions as needed to uncover the gaps in your preparedness. As you find these gaps, work on their resolution simultaneously. This assessment method will assist you in quickly improving your performance. Furthermore, study abroad consultants in Delhi underline the importance of a student continuing to take practice examinations. It is true even if they are performing well because the consistency of performance is vital in your final tests.

    To Know about the syllabus of IELTS read our article on What is the updated IELTS exam syllabus for 2023.

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