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What is the updated IELTS exam syllabus for (2024)

March 10, 2023
IELTS exam syllabus for 2023

The International English Language Testing System is a widely recognized language proficiency test that assesses the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers. The exam syllabus is updated periodically to ensure that the test remains relevant and reflects changes in the English language. 

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Read the full article below to know the IELTS exam syllabus for 2023.


Mode of IELTS exam

Computer-Delivered IELTS is now widely available and allows for faster results. The best study abroad consultants assert that it includes the same four components. The Listening, Reading, and Writing sections are completed using a computer, while the Speaking section remains face-to-face with an examiner.

The Reading Section

The Reading section will now feature more complex texts that require higher-level comprehension skills. The test taker will be required to read and interpret a range of texts, including academic and workplace-related content.

The Speaking Section

The Speaking section will now include a wider range of topics related to work, society, and academic studies. the best overseas education consultants in Delhi highlight that the test taker will be required to speak at length on these topics and engage in more interactive and spontaneous conversations with the examiner.

Scoring system

The updated IELTS exam syllabus includes a new scoring system that provides a more detailed assessment of a test taker’s language proficiency. The scores will be reported on a scale of 1-9 for each of the four components (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking), and an overall band score will be calculated based on the average of these four component scores.

A new model: IELTS Indicator

IELTS indicator is a new mode of the exam that is in the process of being launched, though it can’t be accessed in India right now. The best overseas consultants in Guwahati note that the objective of this is for candidates to give the flexibility to attempt the test while being at home. This is being launched considering the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The test gives indicative scores for all four sections of the exam within 7 days. It is also important to check with your institution if they accept the IELTS indicator. 

Opportunity for Individual module retake 

This is a piece of good news for candidates giving the exam in 2023. The candidates can now retake an individual section out of the four modules to improve their scores. It will allow the students to save a lot of money and effort in their re-attempts. It will be effective from March 2023 in India. 


Understand the sequence of the sections

Candidates preparing for IELTS in the year 2023 should note the sequence of the exam. As you already know that there are four sections to the exam. The overseas education consultants highlight that the first section is of writing divided into 2 sections to be attempted in under 60 minutes. Then comes the Listening section with 4 separate subsections which are to be completed in 30 minutes. After this, candidates need to attempt the reading section which is further divided into 3 parts. Finally, the speaking section is conducted face-to-face usually on a different day which is either 7 days before or after your exam date. 

Overall, the best abroad study consultants suggest that the updated IELTS exam syllabus for 2023 reflects the changing nature of the English language and the evolving needs of test takers. It provides a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of a test taker’s language proficiency and prepares them for success in academic, workplace, and social settings where English is used as a medium of communication.

To keep yourself updated on the IELTS exam, look for IELTS on the Admissify website. Reach out to a British Council-certified IELTS trainer to start preparing for the desired band score. 

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