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Why is Italy becoming a trending study abroad destination in Europe?

January 17, 2023
Why is Italy becoming a trending study abroad destination in Europe

If you are thinking of studying abroad in Italy, prepare to be amazed by the Italian renaissance, panoramic views, history, fashion, and culture. Not only that, but Italy is also a well-known study abroad location. It is famous for offering students the highest quality of higher education. The prestigious qualifications and degrees that one may obtain after completing their studies there are extremely valuable. Moreover, they can open up several professional opportunities. As a result, most study abroad applicants are turning to Italy rather than other famous European studies abroad locations. 

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    According to the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, Italy has created some of the finest individuals in the fashion world. Thank you to the renowned fashion schools generating groundbreaking artists in the realm of fashion. Similarly, there are numerous reasons to study in Italy, which we will examine as we continue.

    Higher education with top-notch standards and international programs

    Italy has always been a famous tourist destination, but there has been a dramatic increase in the trend of non-Italian-speaking students visiting the country in more significant numbers. It is because, nowadays, education in Italian is more readily available to non-Italians. Examples of Italian universities that have adopted English as a teaching language include the State University of Milan, the Fashion Institute of Milan, and the American John Cabot University in Rome. With the language barrier at the institutions being resolved, everyone can now access education in Italy. You must make a chart of all the renowned institutions by discussing with the best Italian education consultants in Delhi. 

    Despite being a small European nation, Italy has some of the most significant higher education institutions. These include academic institutions offering courses in Fine Arts, Music and Dance sector, or AFAM. Moreover, there are Higher Technical Institutes, which provide study abroad consultants with a top-notch education. The universities mentioned above are privately and publicly sponsored, and their educational standards are often regarded as relatively high. The following are a few of the top Italian universities listed in the World University Rankings:

    • Bologna University ;
    • Pisa’s Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies;
    • Pisa’s Scuola Normale Superiore;
    • Rome’s Sapienza University;
    • Milan’s Vita-Salute San Raffaele University;
    • Padua University.

    Italy provides a very inexpensive atmosphere for studying abroad

    When comparing tuition fees required to study in any other European country to tuition prices necessary to study in Italy, you will find a difference. There are considerably lower tuition fees in Italian universities. Furthermore, your monthly living expenses will never surpass 700-1,000 euros. As a result, students will never have to worry about expensive rents as they do in other European nations such as the United Kingdom or Germany. However, study abroad experts have discovered that major cities such as Rome and Milan are more likely to be more expensive than others. You have the option of working part-time in that situation. According to the best overseas education consultants in Delhi, students can work 20 hours each week to support themselves during their studies.

    The student also has the option to remain in Italy after earning their degrees if they so choose. For this reason, the Italian government has designed the student visa so that an extension of one year can also serve as a work permit. As a result, it enables students who want to pursue a postgraduate or PhD degree in Italy to stay behind and find employment there.

    Lastly, important cities in Italy have the most outstanding universities. The commute between your employment and education won’t be too difficult if you accept a part-time job while you study. It is because the cities are linked across the country by a progressive organization of trams, metros, trains, buses, and airports. As a result, getting around is simple wherever you want to live, learn, and work.

    Excellent professional possibilities

    As you explore several neighbouring European destinations, Italy also provides numerous profitable career opportunities. The study abroad consultants in Delhi have a global network of Alums who have obtained positions in renowned sectors and companies. So that’s yet more argument in favour of choosing Italy as a country for foreign education.

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    Admissify To Guide You

    If you are determined to move to Italy and study there, you must also do some homework. Knowing about admissions, the top institutions, accommodations, visa applications, and many other things may fall under this category. If you need assistance with such matters, you could contact Admissify. It has a team of dedicated study abroad consultants, who can guide every student as per their criteria and eligibility. 

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