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Top universities to study medicine

July 13, 2022
Top universities to study medicine

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We uncovered some of the greatest reasons why individuals choose to study and work in Medicine after doing extensive research.

  1. A Plethora of opportunities

You will have several options for a future career in the field of medicine once you graduate. You’ll be blessed with a choice of over 50 varieties to pick from.

You have the option of working in research centres, hospitals, or other healthcare systems, or in other professional disciplines’ medical departments. Graduates of medical schools work in economic sectors managing health care expenses, or they participate in legal work aimed at proving medical mistakes and defending patients’ rights.

  1. Great uniformity of Medical knowledge and practice

In other words, if you have a degree in medicine, you can work in any hospital around the entire globe after graduating from medical school or college. This is the uniqueness of this field!

If you want to pursue a degree in medicine overseas, you’ll discover that learning the language is often one of the entrance criteria or is included in the curriculum. Always check if your English abilities are sufficient to graduate and practice medicine in that nation before enrolling in a Medicine school overseas.

  1. Perfect profession for a true empath!

Even if the sickness is curable or just requires a modest medical intervention, it is quite easy for patients to feel despondent and suffer. This is when a skilled doctor or nurse’s sensitivity and people skills may shine. Being honest with patients is crucial, but it’s also crucial to boost their spirits and provide them with hope.

The biggest and most significant reason why so many individuals decide to study and work in medicine is probably the knowledge that you have a significant impact on helping others regain their health and manage their suffering.

  1. Discovering new aspects of Human Physiology 

Studying medicine involves more than just learning how to work in a hospital or clinic and acquiring practical skills. If you want to spend your time in laboratories looking at cells, running tests, and coming up with new methods to enhance our wellness and health, you may pick a medical degree that is research-focused. We can better comprehend our bodies and the immune system thanks to research and discoveries of this nature. Learning about disease transmission can help us create better treatments and preventative healthcare. This is why the area of medicine places such a high value on medical research.

  1. One cannot unsee the job stability offered!

Medical professionals have stable careers with a  good source of income. It is difficult to ignore this, even while it shouldn’t be the primary factor in your decision to pursue a career in medicine. The importance of their job and the strong demand for skilled experts account for medical personnel earning above-average wages. According to PayScale, these are the typical earnings for several healthcare occupations in the United States:

  • Paediatrician: 149,300 USD annually
  • Family physician – 184,100 USD annually
  • Registered Nurse (RN): 63,300 US dollars annually
  • Dentist: 130,800 USD annually
  • Neurologist: $209,300 annually
  • Oncologist: 259,000 USD annually

Top medical colleges ranked by QS World University Rankings

  1. Harvard University, Cambridge, United States- 98.9
  2. University of Oxford, Oxford United Kingdom- 96.4
  3. Stanford University, Stanford, United States – 94.8
  4. University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom- 94.1
  5. John Hopkins University, Baltimore, United States- 93.2
  6. Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden- 92.3 score
  7. University of California, Los Angeles, United States- 92.2 score
  8. Yale University, New Haven, United States- 91.4 score
  9. UCL, London, United Kingdom- 91.3 score
  10. Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom- 90.8 score

Employment scope in India: 

India offers a wide range of chances and perspectives for those who want to work in hospitals, nursing homes, health centres, government or private research organizations, government healthcare departments, Indian Armed Forces, Indian Railways, and non-governmental organizations, in addition to the MBBS program, which attracts millions of students (NGOs)

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