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Three Things That Were A Culture Shock For An Asian Student In The UK

March 29, 2022
A Culture Shock For An Asian Student In The UK

Culture Shock is not a strange thing to happen when a person goes to study abroad. This happens due to exposure to a whole new land and new people. A student needs some time to adjust to the changing environment. Cultural shocks refer to the sudden differences that a person notices after arriving at an unknown place. When you grow up in a particular surrounding, sudden changes in everything will leave a temporary shock. It is very obvious as the culture and lifestyle of the two nations cannot be the same. 

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Do you want to increase your knowledge about these cultural shocks you can also face while studying abroad? Here are some of the most common points you can come across as you decide to study in the UK. You can know about the three main culture shocks that one can face as an Asian student in the UK. 


Examples Of The Cultural Shocks

As an Asian, the following are the main culture shocks you can get in the United Kingdom. You can get a clear idea from the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. They will tell you how to tackle these situations for hassle-free living in the new country. You must not overthink or lose self-confidence. However, not all shocks will be unfavourable to you. Some can be beneficial, letting you enjoy your studies greatly. 

  • Separate Charges for Plastic Bags: If you are from India, this can be a culture shock as plastic bags are free for daily shopping. However, you may have a practice of paying for plastic bags in shopping malls. Here, in the UK, these bags are chargeable for any purpose, irrespective of the place. 
  • Advanced Classrooms: The best part of UK education is the progressive infrastructure. Moreover, the lectures are more interactive than the classes you usually do in your home country. Therefore, you will get ample chances to clear out all your doubts without any hesitation. The modern system will let you understand the concepts through video and audio and the professors. Furthermore, the practical classes will be fascinating with the chance to learn loads of things. 
  • Political Mindedness: In the UK, every student is very active politically. Each of one them is political-minded. This is something you have not experienced before. Although politics also play a vital role among college students in India, the number was few. In this case, almost everyone has distinct favouritism for a particular party. 

You have to mix well with the new people to know more about the culture of the UK. To interact more and try to become one of them. Within a few days, you will find that your confidence has increased a lot. 

Admissify To Guide You Admissify will let you know all the differences you can face in the UK. You can also take online classes from any place in India. Therefore, the study abroad consultants in Delhi will ensure that you leave the country prepared and achieve your goal.

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Avinash Singh is a study abroad consultant with over 10 years of experience helping students achieve their academic goals. He is an expert in the US, Australian, German, and Canadian education systems and has helped hundreds of students secure admission to top universities around the world. In his spare time, Avinash enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with his family. He is also an avid reader and loves to learn new things.

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