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Study Abroad Top 3 scholarships offered by Israel to Indian students

August 19, 2022
Study Abroad Top 3 scholarships offered by Israel to Indian students

Israel may only make up a small portion of the Middle East geographically, but it has a significant international presence thanks to its culture, educational opportunities, and talented students. For example, 24% of Israel’s workforce is educated beyond high school. Few areas are more intricate, significant globally, and little understood than Israel in the Middle East. Moreover, Israel is a stunning and enigmatic country, the site of some of the most ancient chapters in human history. Nonetheless, despite its problems, Israel is a burgeoning study abroad center.

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    Prospective applicants can choose from a multitude of study abroad possibilities in Israel. Every year, at the graduate level, the Israeli government awards seven scholarships to Indian students: five general scholarships and two for Hebrew language studies. 


    Attractive Scholarships For The Interested Candidates

    The scholarships are available for graduate students under the age of 35 to pursue programs at institutions and courses approved by the Israeli Higher Education Commission Education for eight months (one full year). The scholarship covers tuition and fees, a monthly stipend, and basic medical coverage. However, applicants must organize their housing, commuting, and flight tickets. Indian Ministry of Human Resources Development is the channel through which scholarships are distributed. The following are the most prestigious three scholarships awarded by Israel’s education ministry to Indian students as observed by the best overseas education consultants for Israel in Delhi.

    • Excellence Fellowship Program 

    Outstanding international postdoctoral researchers are welcome to apply for this education program, sponsored by the Council for Higher Education in Israel and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. The program offers up to 20 fellowships to newly arrived post-doctorates who are deeply engaged at an Israeli university. In addition to the humanities and social sciences, fellowships are given out in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. Students can receive 160,000 NIS per year for their two-year fellowships. It is open to international candidates who have acquired a PhD from a recognized university outside Israel within the last four years of entry or who will do something before the fellowship begins.

    • Sandwich Scholarship Program for PhD.

    The Planning and Budgeting Committee is responsible for funding this scholarship program (PBC). In addition to receiving a significant grant, this one-year doctorate program enables international PhD candidates in all subjects to conduct research in one of Israel’s premier universities as part of their doctoral study. Direct applications to the relevant Israeli university are required from interested candidates. The scholarship is 80,000 NIS each year for a maximum of one year. You may apply for this scholarship if you are an Indian citizen currently enrolled in a PhD course at an accredited institution of higher learning abroad and have finished your first year of doctoral studies.

    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarship

    As stipulated in the cultural accords between Israel and India, the Israeli government is happy to provide scholarships to overseas students. In addition, unique scholarship arrangements have been made in light of the expanding bilateral relations between Israel and India. This scholarship program focuses primarily on postgraduate coursework, doctoral degrees, and summer language programs. Unfortunately, anyone considering a career in veterinary or medical sciences is unable to apply for this award.

    To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must have a graduation degree (or higher) and a solid academic record. Furthermore, they must be Indians under the age of 35. A student visa (A2) issued by the Israeli embassy to which their application has submitted a requirement. Proof of English or Hebrew language fluency is also required. It should be mentioned that the scholarship will be awarded only if the relevant Institute authorizes the student’s acceptance.

    Israel has recently hosted some of the world’s most renowned academics and premier universities. The nation is currently marketing chances for interested applicants to use these resources and continue their higher education in Israel to expand these resources for study abroad. Indian students who demonstrate merit are eligible for scholarships, according to research by study abroad consultants in Delhi.


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