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PTE Accepted Countries In 2024: Universities and Scores

April 17, 2024
PTE Accepted Countries In 2024 Universities and Scores

The Pearson Language Test or PTE is a computer-based English test that assesses you based on your academic-level speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. This test suits students seeking admission in various UG and PG programs in countries where English is the first language.

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PTE scores are accepted by English-speaking countries like the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, etc for educational, work, and immigration purposes. PTE is a new entrant compared to other popular English Language testing systems such as IELTS and TOEFL. But it is no greenhorn either and is accepted by 73 countries all over the world and in this article we are going to explore just that.

The PTE exam accepted countries include Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, USA, UK, Canada, France, UAE, Netherlands and India.

So let’s get started with this article and take a look at all the PTE-accepted countries in 2024.

What is PTE?

The Pearson Language Test or PTE is an international standardized exam that is used to evaluate English Language Proficiency. This exam is conducted on a computer -basis within a 2-hour duration. Even though PTE is a relatively new exam it is accepted by governments, professional associations, corporations, and even prestigious universities such as Harvard Business School, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, INSEAD in France, and The University of Canberra in Australia. The government agencies mentioned are the Canadian High Commission and the Chartered Accountants of New Zealand and Australia.

After receiving worldwide recognition PTE added a new addition called PTE Essential. It is recognized by the Canadian Government (IRCC) for all economic visa categories. So international candidates who wish to migrate, work, or seek permanent residency (PR) in Canada can take the PTE essential test which is effective from 2023.

Talking about the PTE Exam fee is ₹15900 INR in India. The PTE cost for Australia is AUD 410, for the US is USD 234, and for the UK is 195 GBP. However, if you schedule your PTE test less than 48 hours before the exam, you will need to pay more than the standard rates.

PTE Accecpeted Countries In 2024

If you wish to study abroad and have to showcase your English proficiency as you tread on your academic endeavours, keep in mind the following countries that accept PTE scores: 

Hong KongChina
South AfricaOman

List of Universities That Accept PTE Scores in 2024

Universities in the United States that Accept PTE Scores

PTE scores are a necessity if you want to study in American universities. More than 1200 universities in the United States accept PTE scores. Among these universities, Harvard, Yale, Stanford UPennr Wharton, and Columbia are also included. Students intending to pursue a doctoral, PhD, or any other academic program in any of the American universities need to meet the minimum PTE score criteria.  The minimum PTE Score is 60 or higher.

Below is a list of some of the prominent universities in the USA that will accept PTE in 2024.

PTE Accepting Universities in the USA 2024PTE accepted scores
Harvard University75 & above for MBA programs
 77& above for other programs
Babson University65 & above for all courses
Yale University75 & above for all programs
Columbia University60 & above for all courses
George Mason University60 & above for all courses
Pace University60 & above for all courses
SUNY, Binghamton55 & above for all courses
University of Illinois Chicago55  above for all courses
University of Colorado-Boulder55  above for all course
Colorado State University60 & above for all courses
University of Pennsylvania55 &  above for all course
University of Southern California68 & above for all courses
Alabama State University60 & above for all courses
California Northstate University50 & above for all courses

Note: The PTE Scores mentioned above are taken from the official websites of the respective universities & colleges. However, Students are advised to check the official website before applying.

Universities in the UK that accept PTE scores in 2024

99% of UK universities accept PTE scores and it is recognized by the UK Home Office. Currently, more than 450 universities in the UK accept PTE scores, which include prestigious universities like Bath, Warwick, and the London Business School.

PTE accepting universities in the UK in 2024PTE accepted scores
University of OxfordUG- 50& abovePG- 60 & above
London Business SchoolUG-55& abovePG-65 & above
Aston UniversityGeneral Courses -56& aboveAston Business School- 63 & above
University of Southampton50 & above
University of Bath50-7- & aboveNote: Scores differ depending on the courses.
University of Warwick62 & above
University of Glasgow59& above
SI-UK LondonFoundation courses- 37 & aboveUG courses-51 & abovePG courses- 67 & above
UK International College60 & above.

Universities in Canada that accept PTE scores in 2024

If you want to pursue higher studies in Canada, you must take the PTE test.PTE Academic is the leading English Proficiency Test provider in Canada. Whether your requirement is a 2-year PG diploma or a certificate course, the required PTE Academic score is overall 67 with a minimum of 60 in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

PTE accepting Universities in Canada in 2024PTE accepted scores
McGill University65 & above
University of British Columbia65 & above
University of Calgary60-70 & above
York University60& above
Dalhousie University62 & above
University of Saskatchewan63 & above (minimum of 59 in every skill)
University of Ottawa60& above
University of Waterloo67 & above
International Language Academy of Canada(ILAC)65 overall, with a minimum of 60 in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 
Concordia University61 & above with more than 53 in every skill
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Universities in Australia that Accept PTE Scores in 2024

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) in Australia has accepted PTE academics for all Australian Universities as well as professional associations. For an undergraduate or PG degree in Australia, you need to take the Pearson Language Test. Out of 400 + universities in Australia that accept PTE, a minimum score of 42+ is required for university admission.

PTE Accepting universities in Australia in 2024PTE accepted scores
Monash University58 & above
Australian National University64 overall (min. 55 in each of the communicative skills)
of Queensland65& above
Abbott School of Business42& above
Cambridge International CollegeUG-60& abovePG-70 & above
International College of Melbourne58& above
NSW International English College42 & above

Universities in Germany that Accept PTE Scores in 2024

Studying in Germany as an international student often requires demonstrating proficiency in the English language. While the PTE (Pearson Test of English) is accepted by a limited number of German universities, it’s important to note that many institutions still prioritize other standardized tests like TOEFL and IELTS. For those pursuing postgraduate or associate degrees at renowned institutions in Germany, such as the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, the Berlin International University of Applied Sciences, or the Hertie School of Governance, the minimum required PTE score typically ranges from 55 to 75. However, it’s crucial to research the specific language requirements of the universities and programs you’re interested in, as the acceptance of PTE scores can vary.

In cases where PTE is not recognized, international students may need to consider taking the TOEFL or IELTS exams to meet the language proficiency requirements set by German universities, colleges, and technical universities (TUs). Staying informed about the language testing options and requirements is essential for a successful application process.

University accepting PTE scores in AustraliaPTE accepted scores
Coburg University of Applied Science & Arts53 &above
Friedrich-Alexander University Eriagen-Nuremberg(FAU)60-65 & above
SRH Fernhochschule53& above
Technische Hochschule Deggendorf60-75 &above
EBS Universitat fur Wirtschaft und Recht61-65 & above
Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg71& above

Universities in New Zealand That Accept PTE Scores in 2024

To study in a New Zealand University or college you have to take the PTE  Academic Test. This test is accepted by Immigration New Zealand and its universities, polytechnics, training establishments, and institutes of technology. All the universities accept PTE for study visas. If you want to study at a university in New Zealand, you can easily do that by satisfying the minimum PTE score requirement i.e. 58 & above.

Universities accepting PTE scores in New Zealand in 2024PTE accepted scores
Auckland University of TechnologyUG-59& abovePG-65 & above
Lincoln University New Zealand58& above with no less than 45 in communication skills.
Massey University  40 overall
N.P. Polytechnic58 & above
Technology University of Waikato  42 & above
Wellington Institute of Technology50-58 & above

Universities in France that Accept PTE Scores in 2024

There are about 18 universities in France that accept PTE scores. It is important for you to send your English language proficiency scores like PTE result along with the rest of your application as many French universities and colleges require it. These are: 

Universities accepting PTE scores in France in 2024PTE accepted score
De Vinci Higher Education50 & above with at least 45 in each module
EMLYON Business School80 & above
ENPC School of International Management50 & above with no less than 45 in each module.
INSEAD70 & above
University of Bordeaux62 & above 

Universities in Ireland that accept PTE scores in 2024

Non-native English speakers who want to study in Ireland have to prove their English language proficiency. Good for you PTE Academic is accepted by universities in IRELAND. The PTE score ranges between 64 & 90 with a minimum of 60 in each category. Universities in Ireland that accept PTE scores are:

Universities accepting PTE scores in Ireland PTE accepted score
Dublin Business School50-57 & above
Maynooth University59 & above
Trinity College Dublin63 & above
University of Limerick63 & above

List of all PTE Accepted Countries

IndiaSouth KoreaChina
BelgiumMalaysiaSouth Africa
EstoniaSingaporeHong Kong
EgyptSri LankaSpain
GermanySaudi ArabiaThailand
AustraliaNew ZealandAlbania
Czech RepublicCroatiaDenmark


PTE is accepted by 70+ countries and over 3000+ institutions all over the world. In this article, we have mentioned all the countries and a few institutions that accept PTE in 2024 along with the scores. The best part of PTE is that it tests international English and not just American or British English. For further help and assistance in your study abroad journey contact our team of counsellors at Admissify.


Does the USA accept PTE?

Yes, PTE scores are acceptable sat various universities and institutions in the USA.

Is 28 a bad score in PTE?

AScore range varies depending upon the university, however, 28 is a non-acceptable score by many universities.

What is the eligibility for PTE exams?

  • Candidate must be above 16 years
  • No minimum educational qualification needed
  • Candidate must posses a valid passport and a national photo ID proof

What is easier, PTE or IELTS?

Many consider PTE to be easier than IELTS

Is the USA a PTE-accepted country for student visas?

Yes, the USA is a PTE-accepted country for student visas.

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