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PSB Academy

May 21, 2022
PSB Academy

PSB Academy offers scholarships to students who are academically excellent and those who aim to touch the sky. The academy provides the right support to such international students, on the basis of their leadership qualities, merit, and participative brilliance in extra-curricular activities. If you have any special talents, those may also be considered for the course. This private academy is based in Singapore. And it is registered under the Committee for Private Education. Moreover, the academy awards international certifications in partnership with other recognized universities globally. 

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You will be amazed to know that PSB Academy offers a number of scholarships, and they are:

  • PSB Academy-University of Nottingham Postgraduate Scholarship
  • PSB Academy Sports Excellence Education Scholarship
  • PSB Academy ASEAN Scholarship for Undergraduates
  • PSB Academy Merit Scholarship for Undergraduates
  • PSB Academy – SAFRA Sponsorship
  • PSB Academy – Self-Help Group Scholarships
  • PSB Academy – SISEU Sponsorship

Participating Universities

PSB Academy

Scholarship Amount


Scholarship Criteria /Eligibility

  1. The first one PSBA-NU applies to candidates who apply for the programs like MBA or MBA Finance. You should know about the criteria for the scholarship. The scholarships are ten in number. You need to be a first-class bachelor’s graduate from any renowned university, which will be accepted by the University of Nottingham. You may be a PSB academy alumni as well, with 2nd class honors. If you are a professional with any senior management position, you can also apply. PSB Academy staff and associates are also eligible to apply. 
  2.  The sports scholarship is only applicable to Singaporeans who are applying for any PSB Academy program or any of its partner university programs. It will be by invitation. It is open to candidates who are representing their nation at a national level in any sport. The candidate’s sports records and academic records will be taken into consideration. 
  3. ASEAN nationalities will be selected for this scholarship. You need to be a Polytechnic Diploma holder or equivalent. Moreover, you should have got a GPA of 3.0 or GCE A level. You have to show proof of participation in any extra-curricular activity. Additionally, you should exhibit leadership qualities.  You also need to submit a 500-word essay. You should have demonstrated a strong record in social work. 
  4. The Merit scholarship is open to all nationalities. It is open to Polytechnic and Private Diploma holders. Moreover, you should have got a GPA of 3.0 or GCE A level. Moreover, you should exhibit some leadership qualities.  You also need to submit a 500-word essay. You should have demonstrated a strong record in social work. 
  5. The SAFRA sponsorship is open to Singaporeans who are SAFRA members. Mature candidates with more than 8 years of work experience are considered for the scholarship. You need to submit a 250-word essay. Candidates with other qualifications are also considered for the scholarship. 

The remaining scholarships are also open to Singapore residents and Permanent residents. 


How To Apply?

1-The scholarship application process is extremely simple.

  • You have to submit the scholarship application with the program application form.
  • PSB Academy and the University of Nottingham will jointly scrutinize your application and then decide on the same. 
  • If you get the award, you will get a letter of grant. You have to sign an acceptance form, whereby the grant will be disbursed to the account. 

2 – For the sports scholarship, you have to email your documents to widaalisa.roslan@psb-academy.edu.sg. If you are shortlisted, you will get a reply mail on it. 

3- Existing students of the university are not eligible for the scholarship. You have to email your documents to  scholarship@psb-academy.edu.sg. The scholarship committee will send you an invitation if you are shortlisted for the scholarship. You might have to appear for a virtual or a face-to-face interview. 

4- This scholarship is open to all nationalities. You have to submit a few documents as asked for. They include the scholarship application form and your academic and co-curricular credentials. You have to email your documents to scholarship@psb-academy.edu.sg. The scholarship committee will call the shortlisted candidates for the interview. It may be a virtual interview or a face-to-face one. 

The guidelines for the scholarships are open to Singapore citizens or permanent residents. You have to keep in mind that all the scholarships awarded by PSB are based on your merit. The terms and conditions are the same as other scholarships. When you receive an intimation of a scholarship, you will also get to know of the deadline to accept it. You have to send in a formal acceptance for the scholarship. If you do not send in your acceptance within the required date, your scholarship stands canceled. 

So, you will not get to avail yourself of it. Re-instatement in another term is not an option. If the committee disburses a portion of the fee to the course, then you will have to return the same to the scholarship committee. 

If you are confused about so many scholarships, their application process, and the monetary rewards, do get in touch with Admissify. They are the best overseas consultants who have complete knowledge of the study abroad programs. You can call them or also send them an email asking about your queries. 

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