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My Favorite Places So Far And The Highlights Of My First Two Weeks In Florence

May 20, 2022
My Favorite Places So Far And The Highlights Of My First Two Weeks In Florence

No student can forget the place that gave birth to change and revolution. Florence also happens to be one of those places in Italy which are etched in memory due to Florence Nightingale. Many artists were born in the very same place and so you can also call it the birthplace of art and creativity. According to the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi, you can take any of the creative courses in Florence as a student and also delve into artwork. Some of the favourite subjects that you can study there include liberal arts and culture, social sciences and communication, studio art, fashion and marketing, agriculture, and more. You can even get an abroad study scholarship in one of these courses. 

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Favourite Places in Italy 

You can explore Italy during your visit for education. It will give your mundane life and career, a much-needed boost. If you are studying one of those artistic subjects, then this is something you have got to do. It is a prelude to the coursework, that you will be taking up in the times to come. The Best overseas education consultants in Delhi for the UK will echo the same thoughts. 

The places like Rome, Amalfi Coast, and Turin will give you a much-needed boost for your academic life ahead. You will find the best architectural works in Rome, with touches of Baroque and Modern architecture. You must see the sites like the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Sistine Chapel. It is surely the eternal city. According to the best UK education consultants in Delhi, it is one of the best places for your education. You can learn fine arts in this enigma of a place.  On the south side of the Sorrentine Peninsula, you will be able to visit the popular Amalfi Coast. Sorrento is one of the major highlights there. It has a resort ambience. It is a base, where you can put up and explore the other places nearby. You can also head to Capri Island from there. It has a mild climate and lush greenery around. So, you can get that much-needed relaxation before embarking on busy student life. Mount Etna in Sicily is another enigmatic place that you ought to visit. These comprise any person’s Italian dream trip. 


You will soon find yourself exploring monuments, basilicas, museums, and small cities in your pursuit of that perfect course. The subjects taught there are mostly practical-oriented, so you will be living out of a suitcase literally. The best UK consultants in Delhi will tell you the same things. 

Studying in Florence 

If you ask any student about their first two weeks in Florence, they will have good things to say. While most housing and accommodation providers are sticking to CDC guidelines, social distancing, and minimum occupancy per area in dormitories, housing is great at best. The study abroad consultants in Delhi will be able to guide you on more accommodation options when you head to them for counselling.

One of the hotbeds for the exploration of art, culture, and fashion, you should first consider other living expenses before zeroing in on Florence as your study abroad destination. It is relatively cheaper on the surface when compared to Rome and Milan. You need to head where the locals head for groceries and supplies. Additionally, you should also utilize all your student discounts. The biggest and most popular universities in Florence happen to be the University of Florence, and the European University Institute Florence, which concentrates on myriad subjects. Most students head to the best study abroad consultants in Delhi for clarity on such aspects. 

In the first two weeks of your stay in Florence, you should sort out accommodation, transportation, and living costs. Start your educational journey with aplomb at one of the best destinations for international education. Your Study Abroad Consultant will give you the best links to get the maximum with minimum expenses. You can study the courses in Florence, with a good score in English. So, IELTS and TOEFL happen to be mandatory requirements. The sprawling place is quite safe and secure for students from abroad. 

Get ready for an awe-inspiring journey with Admissify, the study abroad consultants Guwahati, who have the best knowledge about foreign education and programs. You can connect with them at info@admissify.com. 

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