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International Education Week Aims To Promote Overseas Education

June 6, 2022
International Education Week Aims To Promote Overseas Education

The International Education Week promotes cross-cultural relations and awareness through education. The program also celebrates the benefits of student exchange programs across the globe. The US Education Department started the same in 2000, and it is still going strong in its 22nd year. This annual event is celebrated in the third week of November. And another amazing fact that you should know is that almost 100 nations celebrate the week. You can find out the deliverables that students gain from the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi.

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Most universities and colleges run several interactive events for students and alumni as well during the week-long celebrations. The main aim of the program is to spread awareness about global education and opportunities. Additionally, students also get to know about the abroad study scholarship. This is one of the top initiatives that promote overseas education. If you become a study abroad student, you can also be a part of the celebrations. 


Topics For Discussion 

Amongst the various topics that were up for discussion, one of last year’s trending topics are how schools can reduce their carbon footprint. Educators from across the globe came together to discuss the possibilities of reducing carbon emissions. The main aim of the discussion is to find out effective ways to make students the climate champions of tomorrow. Such environmentally relevant topics find their way into the discussions at the summit. You can also find the best overseas education consultants in delhi for uk, participating in such events. That is how, they gain first-hand information about the educational opportunities overseas. 

Amongst the past events, language-based events have also assumed a lot of importance. As students, if you participate in such programs, you get to unearth the various possibilities after passing out of graduate school or post-graduate school abroad. You will find the best uk education consultants in delhi gathering a lot of information from such events, to disseminate it to students and study-abroad fanatics like you. 

Every university celebrates the week, in its own creative way. The dates for the celebrations this year in 2022, are 14-18 November. Universities across the globe have geared up and are busy rehearsing from now. 


Educational Growth and International Exchange Programs 

According to the best uk consultants in delhi, this year, the celebrations will be on in full swing, after a lull due to Covid-19 for two years. Anyone can become an international exchange student, based on merit. Connect with an exchange provider, who can choose the exchange type, the program, and the country for you. Once you have been booked for the same, the exchange provider will arrange a host for you in the foreign country. This is for students who want to expand their horizons. Studying abroad will also open up more employment opportunities for you. 

More and more students want to go abroad for courses. However, many do not have the basic information. The International Education Week aims to spread the information so that new entrants can take leverage of the same. Overseas education opportunities also improve life’s experiences and also help students to develop personal connections. 

You can connect with the study abroad consultants in delhi, who will be able to highlight the information for such courses. As a layman or the first one in the family, it may not be possible for all to gather the necessary information for study abroad courses. Admissify is the Study Abroad Consultant you can fall back on, for more information on overseas educational opportunities. You can connect with Admissify at info@admissify.com, or call at 09999127085. 

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