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GMAT Syllabus (2024): Guide on GMAT Exam Pattern, Duration, Section Wise Syllabus

July 28, 2022
GMAT Syllabus 2022

GMAT scores are widely accepted as you express your wish to study abroad. You will need these competitive examination scores to get admission to your dream college abroad and make a superb career. However, you must approach a study abroad consultant to know the tricks for performing well. In today’s market, several institutions promise a hassle-free immigration experience. But you must be aware of the genuineness and then go ahead with other formalities. Admissify is an excellent option in this regard where you will find a solution to all your queries about studying abroad. 

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GMAT helps analyze the critical reasoning abilities of the students, in-depth knowledge, interpretation of data and information, and evaluation of different arguments. Hence, when you apply for a foreign institution, they will test your capabilities before choosing you as a suitable candidate. Here is the guide to let you know more about GMAT and its detailed pattern. The 2022 exam will be superb as you are thorough with the duration and syllabus.

All Details Of the GMAT Exam

The total number of topics you will find in the GMAT exam is 50. The four sections contained in this paper include;-

  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Analytical Writing
  • Verbal Reasoning

Two breaks will be present between the sections of only 10 minutes each. However, it is only optional. It implies that you can take a break, and you may not. Therefore, the exam will test the students’ analytical skills as they answer the questions in different sections. You can appear for the mock tests for better practice by contacting the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. These tests will prepare you for the final day of the exam. Repeated practice will brush up your skills and increase your confidence also. The total duration of the paper is 3 and a half hours.

According to the performances, the levels will keep changing with more complicated questions appearing on the screen. GMAT is entirely computer-based, and you need thorough practice to perform brilliantly in this test. You can easily pass through the difficulty levels after following the instructions of the study abroad consultants in Delhi.

Highlights Of GMAT

GMAT syllabus underwent some changes before the launch of the latest syllabus in 2022. The highlights tell us that;-

  1. According to the new syllabus, you will have to answer some additional questions on Conversion
  2. In the Geometry chapter, you will also have Coordinate Geometry.
  3. Pure Reasoning Questions will be there in GMAT Mathematics
  4. A new set of questions will come involving the usage of “neither” and “both.”

Apart from the above points, you should also know that the new GMAT syllabus will consist of the GMAT AWA Section. Hence, from now on, it is Enhanced Online GMAT. Enrol your name online to register for the GMAT exam 2022. Please take help from the best overseas education consultant in Delhi and prepare for the entrance exams first. The responsibilities of the learned experts will be the subsequent steps, like visa processing, booking tickets, submission of admission forms, etc. You must pay an ad-hoc amount to conduct all the related activities without difficulty.

The details of different sections are hereunder;-


– The section for Analytical Writing deals with the Analysis of Arguments. You must prove your analyzing abilities in this part within only 30 minutes.

– The next section is Integrated Reasoning for 30 minutes again. It has a set of 12 questions testing the reasoning capacity of the individual.

– After writing these two papers, you can go for a 10-minute long break.

– The third section of the GMAT paper is on Quantitative Aptitude. It deals with mathematical calculations and logic. You will have to answer 22 problem-solving questions and 15 data-sufficiency questions. The total time for this section is 75 minutes.

– Again, an optional break of 10 minutes is there after this.

– Verbal section is the last stage of the GMAT paper. Here, you will get a time of 75 minutes to answer 41 multiple-choice questions. The combined topics involve Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction.

Pick the best college for studying your preferred course and score high on GMAT. Admissify is the ultimate guide for aspirants to take their dreams to the real world. Being the best study abroad consultant Guwahati also encourages the North East people to move to foreign countries for high-standard education. Scholarships are always there to help you with the fund crisis. Therefore, do not change the plan of pursuing your dream course as you get a beautiful opportunity.

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