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Describe A teacher who has influenced you in your education IELTS Cue Card

June 3, 2024

The IELTS exam is the exam for English language proficiency which we have to show at the time of admission to abroad universities and at the same time, it can be required for jobs in abroad nations. When it comes to preparing yourself for the exam, you have prepared yourself well for all the 4 sections of the exam. The four sections of the exam are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Additionally, the cue card round is under the speaking section of the IELTS exam, where you have to speak for a few minutes on a cue card. This allows you to know how well you are in the English language when you speak. We have started a sample answer for the recent cue cards. The sample answers for the cue card named Describe A teacher who has influenced you in your education are discussed in this article.

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Model Answer 1: Describe A teacher who has influenced you in your education

where do you meet him/her

It is so important to have teachers who can motivate us throughout the educational journey. Moreover, I wanted to talk about Mr. Ramesh sir, who has been a motivator in my life. He has been an extraordinary individual who is a great person at the same time. He has a great influence on others and his words always touch my heart which motivates me to work harder.

what subject he/she taught

I met him for the first time when I joined the school in kindergarten. There were some changes in the job of my father so we had to shift somewhere else. When I joined the school, he used to teach the mathematics subject, which is the most important topic and the subject at the same time. With his influential behaviour, he has taught us how to be polite and be a good individual.

what was special about him/her

The only thing that I like the most about the sir is that he always listens to our problems and helps to give us accurate solutions that can help us to solve the issues. He had a unique way of teaching and explained complex equations without any problems.

Model Answer 2: Describe A teacher who has influenced you in your education

where do you meet him/her

I met him in my newly joined tuition class. He teaches science, which is my favourite subject. His name is Rishabh Pander, and his way of teaching and speaking is special and can be understood by all the students. He always pays attention to all the students and asks if everyone has understood the concepts taught in class. 

what subject he/she taught

As I have discussed, sir has taught one of the difficult subjects. Generally, I am not the one who likes science subjects but at the same time, now I like science subjects a lot. Moreover, he always has a way or a method to learn the concepts which has been helpful for me to learn it very easily.

what was special about him/her

There are many things which I like about him but there is one which is the best one is that he understands facial gestures. If I ever doubted a classroom. He always had cleared all the doubts. I think he has been the only teacher in school who is polite enough to understand every student.

Model Answer 3: Describe A teacher who has influenced you in your education

where do you meet him/her

I was one of the below-average students during high school and I always tended to be the one who was too shy to ask questions. I was not same energetic as my other schoolmates. Suddenly, there came a teacher in my life who helped me to grow and he was not like the other teachers in the school.

what subject he/she taught

His name is Mrs Shweta, I will never forget her in my life, she used to teach us geography. She easily understood my situation and helped me to come out of a situation where I was always afraid to make new friends and she helped.

what was special about him/her

She was a really special teacher in my life as she told me the meaning and the importance of friends in life. Even when I used to doubt the classroom, she understood it with my face and helped me to clear my doubts and fears.

Followup Questions: Describe A teacher who has influenced you in your education

  1. Why do you think teachers are important in life?

Teachers teach us the life lessons that we need. They always have a solution to all our problems and show us the way to succeed in life.

  1. How do you define a perfect teacher?

The perfect teacher is the one who understands that the students have not understood the concept and clears it until they do not have any doubts.

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