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5 Best Recommendation Letter for Students: Sample & Format 

December 7, 2023

Did you know that students require for a letter of recommendation when they begin applying to colleges and other higher education institutions? A letter of recommendation is an important aspect of your study abroad application and can be a significant determinant in your acceptance. 

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    A letter of recommendation often offers an overview and makes a strong case for a student applying to a university. These letters must be drafted by teachers, educators, professors, employers, etc. for use in college and university applications.

    Important things to keep in mind while writing a letter of recommendation:

    1. Your contact information.
    2. The date of writing.
    3. Contact information of the admissions officer or institution.
    4. A formal greeting.
    5. An introduction of your role and relationship with a student.
    6. Explanations of the student’s strengths and recommendations for them.
    7. Short real-life examples about the student.
    8. A conclusion and summary of recommendations.
    9. Closing paragraph and signature.

    How to Write a Recommendation Letter For a Student

    1. Introduce the student

    Start with a formal greeting that addresses the recipient. After, give the student a brief introduction that includes your relationship and the role you have with them (e.g., teacher, professor, mentor, etc.)

    2. Write why you support them

    Declare your support for the student’s application, scholarship, or opportunity, and indicate that you are willing to write the recommendation.

    3. Provide Important Details 

    Provide concrete instances of the student’s accomplishments, abilities, and attributes that set them apart from the competition. Bring up projects, leadership responsibilities, extracurricular activities, academic success, and any other noteworthy achievements.

    4. Lay Emphasis on Soft Skills and Qualities

    Talk about the scholar’s morals, work ethic, ability to get along with peers and faculty, and any unique personal traits. Give tales or instances that highlight moments where they have overcome challenges. 

    5. Explain the observation period.

    To prove your authority as a recommender, briefly outline the nature and length of your relationship with the student.

    6. Write a strong conclusion

    Give a summary of your suggestion and express your belief that the student has what it takes to succeed in the intended opportunity.

    Example 1: Recommendation Letter for Students

    Pooja Arora (Teacher at School or College)

    75, North Avenue, New York



    Wednesday 10th December 2023


    Admissions Committee

    University of Texas, Austin

    Inner Campus Dr. ABC

    78712, Texas

    Dear Admissions Committee,

    I, Pooja Arora, am a Professor of English and would like to recommend Khushi Agarwal for the English undergraduate course at the University of Texas, Austin.

    For the past two years that I have been teaching English to Khushi, she has exhibited the true qualities of an enthusiastic student. Along with demonstrating a great desire to explore the English language and culture, she also showed a high degree of maturity, academic integrity, and honesty in all her writings and official submissions.

    Khushi has exhibited her talent and capabilities in English on several occasions. She, for instance, produced a superb academic article about the ideas in many of Shakespeare’s novels that highlighted his points with engaging passages. She displayed exceptional leadership and cooperation abilities as she finished a group project centred upon “Scent of a Women.”

    Khushi has also made several contributions to the larger school community. She assisted in planning a charity fun run this year to collect money for several causes. Staff, parents, and children all enjoyed the event, and Khushi received appreciation for her help with organisation and donation collection.

    All in all, I would suggest Khushi for the undergraduate English course at the University of Texas, Austin. Undoubtedly, she will excel in the course and uphold all the values that the institution stands for. 

    If you have any further questions, please contact me at 8668371454

    Yours sincerely,

    Pooja Arora

    EXAMPLE 2: Recommendation Letter for Students

    Nisha Dhingra (Teacher at School or College)

    AG/177, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi



    5th December, 2023


    Admissions Committee

    York University, Toronto

    Inner Campus Dr. ABC

    66729, Toronto

    Dear Admissions Committee,

    It gives me great pleasure to recommend Lakshit Goyal to York University for the mathematics course.

    This year, Lakshit has been engaged in my maths class, and I have had the honour of teaching him. He is a committed learner who unfailingly gives every assignment his all and has a high level of knowledge of maths concepts. 

    Lakshit often wanted to study maths outside of class to enhance his understanding of the subject. For example, Lakshit assisted his friends in organising a study session where they could help each other with revision and test preparation. This shows maturity, ambition, and helpfulness.

    In addition to his academic pursuits, Lakshit actively engages in school life. he has participated in sporting activities and contests during his tenure at this institution, and he has occasionally served as a coach for the younger kids. 

    He would undoubtedly be an enthusiastic and engaged student at York University. All in all, Lakshit is a talented student who possesses a high calibre that will enable him to excel in his undergraduate programme.

    If you have any further questions, please contact me at nisha.d@email.com.

    Yours sincerely,

    Nisha Dhingra

    Example 3: Recommendation Letter for Students

    Dilip Singh (Teacher at School/University)

    A-4/764, Guruharkishan Nagar, New Delhi 



    8th October, 2023


    Admissions Committee

    University of Chicago 

    Respected Admissions Committee, 

    It is with great delight that I recommend Mudit Arora for admission to the Sociology course at the esteemed University of Chicago. 

    Mudit has been one of the most attentive, thoughtful, and dedicated students in my class this year. Being his teacher has been nothing less than a privilege, as I have had the pleasure to read his papers and assignments. 

    Mudit is a studious pupil who always gives 100% to every task that he takes on. He has shown great understanding in subjects like Sociology of Work, Economy and Society, and Anthropology. 

    There have been numerous occasions where Mudit has demonstrated that he is a team player with an insatiable hunger for knowledge. He has been an active student outside of the classroom, a fact that is reaffirmed by his extracurricular record. He has had the honour of being the head boy of our college because of his leadership qualities as well as his selfless attitude. 

    It is without an iota of doubt that Mudit will be an asset to an institution as highly regarded as the University of Chicago. He is an excellent student that can do wonders with a Masters degree. 

    For any further queries, please contact me at 986358026

    Yours Sincerely, 

    Dilip Singh 

    Example 4: Recommendation Letter for Students

    Rahul Kumar (Teacher/Professor)

    5, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi 



    9th November 2023


    Admissions Committee 

    The University of Waterloo

    Respected Admissions Committee, 

    I am delighted to strongly recommend Krish Goyal, a graduating senior at BIS, in his application to the University of Waterloo. Having taught Krish in my English classes for the past two years, I am thrilled to share my support for his academic endeavours. 

    Krish has proven himself to be in the top tier of his class, on track to graduate in the top 5%. His consistent high achievement underscores his dedication to his studies. Moreover, Krish actively engages during lessons, providing thoughtful insights that continue to impress both his fellow students and instructors.

    What truly sets Krish apart is his tremendous passion for literature and mastery of the written word. His writing reveals a depth and originality rarely evident among students his age. Whether critically examining texts or crafting engaging narratives, Krish displays a sophisticated command of language and storytelling.

    In complement to his academic talent, Krish serves as President of the School Debate Club, demonstrating his strong leadership and public speaking abilities. He also dedicates time to the greater good of society, volunteering regularly and showing strong commitment towards a more just world. 

    Krish is not only an exceptional student but also a compassionate, empathetic person who supports those around him. He often assists struggling classmates and positively influences the school environment through his actions.

    Given Krish’s outstanding academic achievements, literary passion, leadership talent and strength of character, I highly recommend him for admission to Waterloo. Krish has the potential to thrive in your rigorous programs and make meaningful contributions to the campus community. 

    Please feel free to contact me on my email if you need any further information. 


    Dilip Singh 

    Example 5: Recommendation Letter for Students

    Dr Priyansha Kaul 

    Principal Researcher at the InnoTech Lab 

    Max Mueller, New Delhi




    The Scholarship Committee 

    Bright Future Scholarship Foundation 

    Subject: Recommendation for the Bright Future Scholarship – Himani Kaushik 

    Respected Scholarship Committee, 

    It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Himani Kaushik, an exceptional student I have had the privilege of mentoring at the InnoTech Lab. I believe Himani truly represents the ideals and promise that this scholarship aims to recognise and support. 

    Himani has consistently proven herself to be a motivated and gifted student with a bright future ahead in computer science. Over the past two years, she has actively participated in our artificial intelligence and machine learning research, earning top marks in all her advanced mathematics and computer science courses along the way. Himani has acquired an analytical skill set that helps her counter any and all challenges that she faces. 

    Beyond the classroom, Himani has demonstrated that she is a holistic learner. As co-founder of the Women in Technology Club, she has worked tirelessly to encourage young women at our school to pursue technology careers, helping promote diversity and inclusion in a competitive field like Computer Science. 

    Collaborating with Himani on various research projects, I have witnessed firsthand her teamwork, communication abilities and project management skills. She has been integral to advancing our work on real-world AI applications. 

    On top of all this, Himani is simply a wonderful person – compassionate, thoughtful and always willing to help classmates in need. Her commitment to creating positive change aligns seamlessly with the Bright Future Scholarship’s values.

    Therefore, I strongly recommend Himani Kaushik for this scholarship. Her passion, academic talent, leadership and character make her an outstanding candidate. I am confident she will make significant contributions to major advancements in the field of computer science. 

    Please contact me if you need any further details or have additional questions.

    Thank you for considering Himani’s application – she will undoubtedly make the absolute most of this opportunity.


    Dr Priyasha Kaul 


    Drafting the perfect letter of recommendation is key to a successful college application. Moreover, the attestation of a renowned faculty member or mentor can truly back you up as the perfect candidate for your dream university. All in all, letter of recommendation give you a much-needed edge over other candidates helps the admissions committee in making a thorough and informed decision. 

    FAQ: Recommendation Letter for Students

    What is a recommendation letter or letter of recommendation?

    A letter of recommendation or LOR is an official document drafted by a teacher, professor, or employer. The letter assesses the candidate’s skills, achievements, and potential. 

    What is the best way to start a letter of recommendation

    To start a LOR, you must address the recipient with a formal greeting. After, introduce yourself and how you are related to the student. 

    How many letters of recommendation do I need to apply for education abroad? 

    Normally, students need about 2 letters of recommendation to have a complete and successful student application. 

    Who can write letter of recommendations for students?

    Only professors, teachers, employers, and mentors can write letters of recommendation. 

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