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Best PGDM Courses in Canada for Indian Students(2024)

June 10, 2024
Best PGDM Courses in Canada

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is a very popular program for those who want to do postgraduate study in the field of management education. This intense course gives students specialized knowledge, hands-on skills, and industry experience that are needed for leadership jobs across different business sectors. These programs concentrate on application-oriented learning and practical experiences, giving an all-around comprehension of management principles and their use in real-life situations.

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Pursuing a PGDM degree in Canada will give you excellent education quality and a chance to live in a diverse community. Canadian universities are famous for their modern facilities, outstanding professors, and mix of students from different places. The focus on real-life skills together with connections to businesses helps students develop worldwide views which makes them very competitive in job markets across the planet. 

PGDM in Canada: Key Highlights

SectionKey Highlights
Top PGDM Colleges in CanadaConcordia UniversityCarleton UniversityCentennial College
Best PGDM Courses to Pursue
Healthcare ManagementBusiness ManagementSupply Chain Management
Eligibility CriteriaUndergraduate degree in a relevant field English proficiency test scores Work experience (preferred) 
Documents Required for AdmissionTranscriptsCV or Resume and more English proficiency scores
Cost of StudyingINR 6L – INR 14L
ScholarshipsCentennial College –  INR 60,501Humber College –  INR 1.6L
Career OpportunitiesAdministrative Assistant – INR 26L PADigital Marketing Specialist – INR 31L PATalent Acquisition Specialist – INR 21L PA

Why pursue PGDM courses in Canada?

Top Universities: Canada has a reputation of being home to some of the top universities across the globe. It has the best universities for PGDM like the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, McGill University, and McMaster University among others. All the mentioned universities hold a high spot in the THE ranking.

Affordable education: The fees for pursuing PGDM in Canada is around 10-15lakh PA which is 50-60% cheaper than many other countries.

Post Graduate Work Permit: The  PGWP allows students to work in Canada after completing their education and gain valuable work experience.

Safety: Canada is a safe place for international students. The same has been attested by the Institute for Economics and Peace by placing Canada in 12th rank.

Why should you choose a PGDM in Canada over an MBA?

Deciding between PGDM courses in Canada and an MBA can be tough, particularly as each program has distinct advantages and is suited for different professional tracks. The Canadian Bureau for International Education states that the amount of global students in Canada has risen by over three times within the past ten years, showing how popular this country is as a main education spot​​.

PGDM courses in Canada might be much less expensive than an MBA. You could also complete a PGDM course in 1 year and start working in Canada faster.

Parameter2-year PGDM courses in CanadaMBA
PGDM course duration in Canada2 years2-3 years
EligibilityUG degree (3 years) + work exp.UG degree (3-4 years) + work exp.
Avg. Annual FeesINR 11L – INR 25LINR 25L – INR 71L
Top CollegesCentennial CollegeSeneca CollegeRotman School of Management Business School
Work Permit1 year3 years

PGDM Colleges in Canada

All aspiring students look for the best PGDM Colleges in Canada. Below is a list of the top PGDM colleges in Canada.

PGDM College in CanadaAnnual Fees Per Year in CADDurationTop Specializations
Humber College$16,395 – $20,5662-3 yearsBusiness AccountingBusiness Insights and AnalyticsBusiness Administration
Algonquin College$17,277 – $18,7161-3 yearsMarketing ManagementBusiness – Management and EntrepreneurshipAdvertising and Marketing Communications Management
Seneca College$16,0122-3 yearsInternational BusinessHuman ResourcesBusiness
Centennial College$17,4022 yearsInternational BusinessHuman ResourcesMarketing
Fanshawe College$17,1799-15 monthsAgri-Business ManagementEntrepreneurship and ManagementBusiness
Durham College$12,200 – $16,8381-3 yearsBusiness FinanceInternational Business ManagementBusiness Administration FinanceInternational Business Management
Sheridan College$20,3241 yearCreative Industries ManagementProject ManagementMarketing Management

PGDM Courses in Canada

The length of time for PGDM in Canada varies. It can go from 9 months to around 3 years, depending on different colleges and specializations. Furthermore, many colleges also offer PGDM through online mode. In PGDM courses in Canada, students have a wide variety of electives and specializations to choose from. Some of the top courses include:

General ManagementSupply Chain ManagementHuman Resource Management
Project Management
Business Insights and AnalyticsAgri-Business Management
Entrepreneurshipand ManagementInternationalBusiness ManagementMarketing Management
Business ManagementProfessionalGolf ManagementManufacturing Management

1 Year PGDM in Canada: Fast-Paced Success

Canada provides 1-year PGDM programs that give you a complete management education in less time. These concentrated courses are made for students who want to learn crucial business abilities quickly, making it perfect for workers wanting to improve their jobs or shift into managing positions.

Benefits of a 1 Year PGDM in Canada

Focus-oriented Learning: The condensed curriculum focuses on core concepts, providing a targeted education experience.

Efficiency: A PGDM that takes only one year helps in quicker entry into work or progression of a career.

Career Boost: A PGDM in Canada for 1 year can speed up career advancement by boosting expertise and understanding within a compressed period.

Affordable: A shorter time frame implies reduced spending on tuition and living expenses compared to longer programs.

2 Year PGDM in Canada

Exploring the traditional 2-year PGDM in Canada, here are the best options along with the best colleges to choose from:

PGDM Courses in CanadaBest College
General ManagementHumber College
Business ManagementUniversity of Toronto
Marketing ManagementSeneca College
Human Resource ManagementFanshawe College
Supply Chain ManagementCentennial College
International Business ManagementYork University
Entrepreneurship and ManagementRyerson University
Agri-Business ManagementDalhousie University
Project ManagementConestoga College
Business Insights and AnalyticsSheridan College
Professional Golf ManagementHumber College

Eligibility Criteria for pursuing PGDM courses in Canada

Now, we can understand the main eligibility criteria for PGDM courses in Canada. This will help you smoothly complete your application and move closer to achieving your educational goals.

Minimum GPA: The minimum GPA requirement can differ, however, most school seeks a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 or related. Certain courses might demand higher GPAs, particularly the highly competitive ones, and if the applicant has limited work experience.

Work Experience: Not always required but relevant work experience can help boost your chances relatively.

Entrance Exams: To pursue PGDM programs in Canada, you are required to take the GMAT, however, some schools also accept GRE marks instead of GMAT.

English Proficiency: International students usually need to show their ability in English. This can be done by taking tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or Duolingo.

Statement of Purpose (SOP): The Statement of Purpose is an important part of the application process and must be paid special attention to. In your SOP you must highlight your academic history, relevant achievements, objectives, and motives for selecting the course you have selected.

Interview: Some institutions may interview to evaluate certain abilities needed for the program.  

Letters of Recommendation:  Two to three LORs from your professors and employers are required. These LORs must speak about your academic powers, work experience, etc. 

Admission Deadlines for PGDM courses in Canada

University/CollegeAdmission Deadline 2024
Seneca CollegeAdmissions are open
Douglas CollegeJanuary 31, May 31, September 30
Royal Roads UniversityOctober 13
University of WinnipegJune 1
Thompson Rivers UniversityApril 25

PGDM Fees in Canada

Fees for PGDM in Canada vary with the college and specialization you are applying to. As a general idea, we can say that studying PGDM in Canada may cost from CAD 16,000 to CAD 20,000 every year on average. SPP colleges found in Canada are usually cheaper than colleges that do not participate in the SPP program. However, students should ensure they confirm fee details by visiting the official website.

Moreover, you will have to bear the cost of living while studying PGDM in Canada. The yearly cost of living in Canada is around CAD 18,000. This is an average amount and could differ depending on your lifestyle choices. To cut down on the total expense of studying in Canada, students can seek scholarships or work a part-time job there.

PGDM in Canada: ROI

After completing PGDM in Canada, you will have numerous options for employment. Some of them are:

  • Business Manager
  • Professor
  • Consultant
  • Accounts Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Adviser
  • HR Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Trading Analyst

Salary after PGDM in Canada

When you complete PGDM in Canada, the usual salary range for students is from CAD 22,000 to CAD 55,000. Your salary after you finish the PGDM course in Canada will be determined by your college, the location of the job offer (as some areas pay more than others), specialization, and networking skills. Some of the top companies known to hire PGDM students are 

  • Care Canada,
  • Apps Transport Group,
  • Red Apple 
  • Engineers without Borders 
  • TJX Companies Inc
  • Royal Bank of Canada 
  • IBM 
  • PwC
  • Deloitte respectively etc.


Canada being the affordable, efficient & safe option for PGDM, is a top study destination for Indian students. It has great courses and programs and excellent ROI. Moreover, the PGWP & part-time work opportunities add to the allure even more. Visit 10 Highest Paying Part-time Jobs In Canada For Students (2024) for promising part-time job options in Canada. Contact our team at Admissify to enjoy a smooth study abroad journey.


What are the eligibility criteria for PGDM in Canada?

A bachelor’s degree is needed by most Canadian universities. They look for a certain minimum GPA, along with GMAT/GRE scores and English language test results such as IELTS or TOEFL for Indian students.

How much does a PGDM program cost in Canada?

A PGDM in Canada usually costs around CAD 30,000 to CAD 50,000 each year for tuition fees only. This does not include living expenses which might change depending on where you stay.

Are there any scholarship opportunities available?

Certainly, Canadian universities provide scholarships and assistantships that are dependent on academic

excellence, financial requirements, or specific standards. These can assist in reducing the expenses.

What are the job prospects after PGDM in Canada?

PGDM graduates from universities in Canada are very much wanted by multinational firms due to the program’s emphasis on practical skills and worldwide experience. You can find work chances in many areas, such as consulting, finance, marketing, and operations.

Can Indian students work while pursuing PGDM in Canada?

Sure, during the academic session, international students are permitted to do part-time work on-campus or off-campus for a maximum of 20 hours in one week. They can also work full-time when there is a break from classes.

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