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10 Best Books for IELTS Preparation(2024)

May 1, 2024
10 Best Books for IELTS Preparation(2024)

Greetings, this is Admissify’s all-inclusive information about the 10 best books for IELTS preparation in 2024! As an assistant who guides you on your path to academic triumph, we recognize how important it is to achieve a good score on the IELTS test. There are many resources out there but not all of them will help you reach your goal efficiently.

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This blog series will present the best books available now, made to improve your English skills and succeed in the IELTS exam. The selections vary from full study guides to specific practice tests, ensuring there is something for everyone’s learning method and level of expertise.

No matter if your goal is a top band score or if you want to tackle certain issues, these books have the necessary techniques and methods for doing well in all four parts of the test. Prepare yourself for an exciting learning adventure with Admissify as the leading helper!

What is IELTS 

The four main abilities, which are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, determine how well you understand and use any language. These are also the four parts where your IELTS will be evaluated. Let’s review each section rapidly.

Four Sections of IELTS

1. Reading

This is a task that measures your understanding abilities. You are provided with a text (from books/magazines/journals/any other source). You will have 1 hour to respond to 40 questions related to the given text. The query style is like MCQs, True/ False, Choosing the right headings, Sentence Completion, Summarising and Short Answers.

2. Writing

For this part, you should finish 2 tasks in 1 hour. In Question 1, a piece of visual information is given such as a picture or any kind of graph and table. You need to explain it in around 150 words. The second question is where you talk about/ argue with an argument or point of view in around 250 words.

3. Listening

In this section, you are going to hear 4 recordings and respond to 10 questions for each one. The recordings might have various accents like British, Australian, New Zealand and North American. You can write down things while the recording plays and during the last 10 minutes, move your responses into the answer sheet. Please remember that each recording will be played only one time. You have approximately 40 minutes to finish the entire task.

4. Speaking

This is a face-to-face interview with the examiner. It will take around 15 minutes to finish. There are three parts in this section.

  • In the opening section, you will need to present yourself and respond to some simple inquiries.
  • For the second part, you will have 1 minute to get ready and then speak for 2 minutes about a topic that the examiner gives you. You can make notes but it is important to organize your talk before starting.
  • The final section includes a conversation about the subject presented in the last task.

As repeated by our IELTS trainers, “Do not fake an accent!”. The belief that copying a native accent will aid in getting more points is a big misconception. The examiners are instructed to evaluate your ability to communicate, how clearly you express thoughts and grammar usage. Your accent plays no part in your scoring.

In the end, IELTS aims to assess understanding from reading or listening, how well thoughts are arranged and linked together, vocabulary usage, range and correctness in grammar as well as pronunciation.

List of Best Books for IELTS Preparation

The following is the list of the top 10 books that are recommended for preparing for the IELTS exam. 

1. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

This guide is a well-liked choice for students preparing to crack IELTS exams. It can be used by those who plan to take the Academic or General Training version of IELTS. This guide provides you examples and hints from people who have already cracked IELTS, with six full-length academic practice exams and two full-length general training practice exams included. All these factors make this guide one of the best for IELTS preparation.

2. Cambridge IELTS 12-17 Academic Student’s Book with Answers

Made for the Academic test takers, 17 books from Cambridge can aid you in your preparation. Among this series, our professors use books number 12 to 17 as reference material to help students get ready for their IELTS in the year 2024. The final five books of this series would be more beneficial with various topics for you to practice your four main abilities. Not just singular exercises, every book contains 4 complete tests for your practice and time examination to attempt all questions.

3. Barron’s IELTS Super pack

As the name suggests, this book is a super pack for IELTS preparation. It contains all that you need to study and get ready for the test. The book has three manuals and two audio mp3 CDs to help you become good at the listening part of the IELTS exam. So, if your mood doesn’t allow reading then just put on these CDs and start listening to them! This book has quick tricks and tips for achieving the top score in IELTS. It also includes practice and exercise sheets on listening, reading as well as writing parts of the test.

4. Simone Braverman’s Target Band 7 Academic Module

This book is very important and one of the best books for anyone who wants to take the IELTS exam. This book has all the tricks, and tips as well as time management and effective methods of cracking exams. It was written by Simone Braverman, she answers even the smallest worries from learners that will assist them in achieving top scores. There is a lot of useful advice in this book, with techniques that are direct and solutions you can apply fast to achieve high success.

5. Collins English for IELTS

This is a set of practice books that concentrate on different areas such as speaking, reading, writing and listening. There are several books in this series. You can select the ones suitable for your current level or according to your desired scores. These books will provide the learner with comprehensive knowledge of every subject mentioned. They will also demonstrate the techniques to solve each question.

6. Official IELTS practice materials

This book, in particular, has many full-length practice materials that are centred on academic tests and general tests. There are two volumes for this one book; volume two includes a CD which contains all helpful videos to improve speaking skills and listening abilities. The good thing is, that this book gives guidance in every step to crack the exam at your best. Teachers in IELTS institutions use this book to teach those who aspire to IELTS. Moreover, you can get sample tests, videos and articles from the official IELTS website.

7. Mometrix IELTS Book for General Training and Academic 2021-2022

The most recent version of Mometrix test preparation books, which are for general and academic modules, has many practice test questions with full-answer explanations. It also contains video lessons that explain complex ideas in simple steps. You will find tips and tactics to help you do your best on the exam as well as a thorough overview of all IELTS sections and sample questions from each module.

8. Focus on IELTS Foundation: Foundation Coursebook

Written by Sue O’Connell, who is a long-time member of the Cambridge main suite exams family, this book holds a plethora of details about the language abilities you’ll need to tackle IELTS. It’s packed with engaging reading content that introduces fresh subjects beneficial for preparing yourself in the speaking skills segment as well.

9. Writing Made Easy – B-Ghud Publications

This IELTS prep text is a good choice for those who prefer to concentrate on the writing part of the exam. It contains thorough explanations about confusables, words related to topics, spellings and hyphenations, how to structure a paragraph properly and more. This can be very useful reference material for your writing needs, not only in IELTS but also outside it.

10. New Insight into IELTS

From Cambridge University Press, we have the New Insight into IELTS. It is a complete guide for preparing and practicing for IELTS. The materials are designed to help students learn skills step-by-step, covering both language understanding and test methods needed for approaching IELTS with certainty.


Now we come to the end of our list, of top 10 IELTS preparation books for 2024. We hope that you have found this rundown helpful and feel more ready, with a sense of excitement, to take on your IELTS journey. Each one of these suggested resources is carefully chosen in order to assist you in grasping the intricacies of the exam and obtaining the desired scores. It is crucial to keep in mind that achieving a successful IELTS result does not solely depend on reading correct books – it also involves regular practice, knowing test structure well and enhancing your English language abilities thoroughly.

We, at Admissify, are here to help you all along the process. Be it picking out study contents or finding your route through worldwide education possibilities, we will assist and advise at every stage. Do not hesitate to contact us for further help or look into other services that we offer specifically designed to make your academic aspirations come true. We wish you success on the IELTS and also in future endeavours!


What makes these books recommended for IELTS preparation in 2024?

These books have been carefully selected for their detailed coverage, current practice questions and matching with the IELTS exam format. Every book gives special tactics and hints that fit into the changing patterns of this test, also they are given high ratings by teachers as well as those taking tests themselves.

Can you give me some advice on how to select the most fitting book for my particular requirements from this list?

Think about how good you are now and what skills need more work on. If writing is hard for you, choose a book that talks a lot about writing and has many practice questions. It can be helpful to select books with full-length practice exams to mimic the test environment.

Can these books be used for the Academic and General Training IELTS exams?

Yes, most books on our list cover both the versions of IELTS test. But there are certain books that give more focus to one type over another. You should always see the description to make sure the book matches your specific test type requirements, like if it is Academic or General Training.

Where can I purchase these books?

These books can be found in different ways, like big online shops such as Amazon, nearby bookstores or the official websites of publishers. Some may also be accessible digitally or by checking out from your town’s library; this offers you the flexibility to select what method suits you best for reading and studying according to your personal choice and situation.

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