The parameters related to procurement of Canada Study Visa Canada is one of the most popular international study destinations, with the highest ranked opportunity for growth for immigrants in the world. With skill storages and high standard of education it makes it a very favourable choice for applicants looking to study abroad. To study in Canada, one needs to acquire a Canadian permit for study, which is henceforth treated as a student visa serving through the stay duration of the student. This is not mandatory to acquire if the duration of accommodation in Canada is lesser than six months. On occasion of having acquired a Canada permit for study, if a student decides to extend the study furthermore, they can thereby apply for the renewal of the visa from within Canada. A Canada Study Visa gives the authority to a student to work part-time off campus and also work as an intern as an integral part of the overall program. The application for a Canada Study Visa can be done via online measures or even via a paper based application obtainable from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site. For supporting the online application, one requires to bear digital scanned forms of all supporting documentation and a credit or debit card for payment of the application fee. The process is as follows: A letter of acceptance is required form a duly recognized institution for higher education. In addition, a certificate of acceptance is also needed from the Quebec government. Obtaining a Canadian Student Visa package of application from website or local office of visa. Requirement to answer some questions on the CIC site for determination of eligibility of online application for Canadian Student Permit and the nature of documentation required to provide. On eligibility, a personalised checklist code is obtained, valid for a time frame of 60 days, for submitting the online application. In addition, application guide, tuition fee estimation and documentation needed is also mentioned. Creation of MyCIC account to enter the checklist code and henceforth receive the personal document checklist for uploading and sending the documentation to CIC. Once documentation is complete, the fees need to be cleared off and henceforth, application form should be submitted to CIC. A medical examination and police check is mandatory in some occasions while submitting the application. Students hailing from regions other than US, ST. Pierre or Miquelon, require a valid passport to return to native nation on completion of the course of study. A dedicated proof of funding to support oneself in Canada is required. The present value hovers around $7650 per year of stay. Application via Student Direct Stream This scheme is aimed at students hailing from the countries of India, China, Philippines and Vietnam for enabling faster Canada Study Visa procurement. The language requirements have been raised to a minimum of 6 for IELTS and 7 for Niveaux the Compétence Linguistique Canadiens examination. Once all the formalities have been completed, and the Canada Study Visa application has been approved, the candidate gets a Port of Entry Letter of Introduction. Though the above process may seem simple, it is very important for all documents to be applicable and in the applicant’s benefit. Certain requirements, monetary and otherwise as well as certain information, if omitted or incorrect can result in a visa denial immediately. This can cause severe inconvenience at the least, or permanent denial for future attempts if filed improperly. It is always best to instruct a reputable immigration consultant or experienced firm to do the application on your behalf, as they know the ins and outs of the application process and towards what aspects Immigration Officials are positive or negative. Admissify has established Law offices in London and Vancouver for almost 3 decades, employing highly qualified, lawyers who are well experienced in visa processes, to make sure you have a top quality application and the best chances for success. You can call or visit one of Admissify’s many India offices to get your visa case assessed free now! Learn, Live, Apply Admissify.

fees and affordability for CANADA

  • scholarships

    Based on Merit/Need/Early Acceptances5% - 40%*
  • accomodation

    Payable Towards StayINR 2 - 4 Lakhs Per annum
  • exchange rate

    Exchange Rate
average annual cost in CANADA(IN LAKHS) per annum total 1 year cost=Rs.4.5L
Rs.8.5 L
Rs.10.25 L
UG/PG tution fee
Rs.13 L
Rs.14.75 L
UG/PG total cost
Rs.4.5 L
avg living expenses

eligibility and exam score for CANADA

  • academic requirements (in years)

    UG - 12PG - 16*
  • test preparation requirement**


english proficiency requirement***


Some Institutions do accept 15 years of education ** Some Institutions may waive off the the Test requirements

economic overview of CANADA


Part Time Jobs in CANADA

During the classes students can't work more than 20 hrs/week. But during the extended holidays, breaks and summer sessions the student may work full time (upto 40 hrs/week)

12 - 36months

Post Study Work Permit

Generally under the PGWPP work-permit is given for a period equivalent to the length of your study program and for a maximum three years. This means that the work permit cannot be issued for a...

5 Top

Highest Paying Jobs

Physician,Software Architect,Finance Manager,Lawyer,Analytics Manager

CAD10/ Hour

Minimum Wages

If an international student wishes to work off-campus, he can do apply for an off-campus work permit after completing six months of study. That permit will allow the student to work for maximum of...

placement & employment opportunities in CANADA


Average Earning Potential (INR in Lakhs)

placement & employment opportunities

The best-paying jobs for college graduates are for STEM Graduates. STEM, refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. While STEM majors dominate the list of top-earning college majors, that doesn't mean you can't make a good living if you aren't a computer whiz or future electrical engineer. Humanities majors can make a solid living, especially when we compare mid-career salaries. You can also earn pretty well in management field.

student VISA for reaching CANADA

VISA application process

  • simple
  • moderate
  • complex
fees for VISACAD 150
documents requiredLOA or Letter of Acceptance
VISA insuranceIn case student is going to SPP college, GIC certificate is required.