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Best French Universities For International Students

October 10, 2022
Best French Universities For International Students

France is a very popular destination for higher studies. It receives more than a thousand international students every year from different countries. However, the country offers beautiful landmarks, tempting cuisine and interesting history. It is also the home of many leading international brands and universities. Students, who dream of studying abroad, can always try their luck in France for a better career.

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On the other hand, France is on the list of the cheapest countries where international students can go for their studies. Connect with any study abroad consultants in Delhi, and they can guide you better. However, France has a list of the best international universities that cover a highly multicultural environment and various language study options. It helps students adapt to the new culture, and they can easily take part in different extra-curricular activities.


Take suggestions from the best overseas education consultants in Delhi and plan for your overseas studies. Here, we provide a list of universities in France where you may apply for higher education.

Sorbonne University:

It is a famous and world-leading research university. In 2018, the university was officially established as the merger of Paris-Sorbonne University and Pierre and Marie Curie University. It can host more than fifty thousand students, among them twenty per cent being international students. Additionally, the university has three faculties: Science and Engineering, Arts and Humanities and Medicine. In addition, the university provides several disciplines of studies through mono-disciplinary, bi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs.

Ecole Normale Superieure

It is a leading university in France with more than two centuries of history behind it. The university is considered a major hub of arts and culture in the country; thus, it plays a special role among all famous universities in France. It trains students for various career opportunities and can play the highest responsibilities in the private sector and public administration in France and worldwide. Hence, students’ selection goes through a very competitive examination for international and local students.

Ecole Polytechnique:

The institute was established in the year 1794. It brings together the five most prestigious French Engineering schools. However, the Ecole Polytechnique is the leading institute of higher education in the field of technological and scientific research in France. The institute provides an interdisciplinary training approach. It has a combination of undergraduate teaching and graduate research for many specialities. Moreover, undergraduate admission at the institute requires two years of preparation in education in post-high school. Additionally, the applicants must pass a week of the written and oral exams.

Universite Paris-Saclay:

The University ranks among the best fifteen universities in the world. It considers the first position in mathematics worldwide. Moreover, it ranks first in continental Europe. It plays a role in a cluster of institutions of higher education as well as research organizations in France. The university was established in 1150, but the name was established in 2019. It is nested in the southern part of Paris. The university offers a specialized program in Life Sciences and Health, Science and Engineering, and Social Science and Humanities.

University Of Bordeaux:

It takes place among the top universities in France for the quality of its academic programs and research. It is the third-largest university in France and the oldest institute in the country. However, it was established in the year 1441, and it prides itself on its research fields. The institute has an international profile as its driving force. It can absorb around fifty-five thousand students annually; among them, fourteen per cent are international students. The university also has a partnership with nearly seven hundred universities worldwide.


Mines Paris Tech University:

Mines Paris is one of France’s leading universities and engineering schools. The institute has established in the year 1783, and it is a member of ParisTech. It considers a cluster of twelve prestigious institutes of research and education, engineering and business schools in France.

It is better to consult with the best education consultants in Delhi and take their guidance before you start planning your overseas studies. However, you can opt for other professional help and connect with Admissify. Their experts are available at 099991-27085. Take suggestions from them and enjoy your fabulous career.

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