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Ways To Skip IELTS To Study Abroad

20.03.2021 | Ravleen Chawla

Student immigration is a common factor today. Most of the renowned foreign universities allow the admission of international students in different courses. However, there are some prerequisites if you want to study abroad. To help you live there comfortably, several Governments arrange for some exciting scholarships. This is a way to give chances to deserving candidates who can influence the economy of a particular country. Therefore, if you go abroad for under-graduate or post-graduate degrees, there are also more opportunities to get a job.

The role of a study abroad consultant is immense in this respect. Get all the latest 2021 updates from them and choose your country for studies. This is the time to build your career. Therefore, opt for this simple version to grab all the facilities for smooth admission.

Mandatory Exams To Study Abroad

When you have plans to move abroad, you must qualify for a few examinations. However, it is not a piece of cake to crack all these tests so easily. You need hard-work and intelligent approaches. The best UK consultants in Delhi can guide you to secure good marks in all these papers. Moreover, they arrange for classes from the best faculties in the country. In fact, now, through online courses, you can get your doubts cleared within minutes. With the help of these additional qualifications, you can shift to any part of this world. Some of the mandatory exams in this respect are enlisted as below;-

·   TOEFL or The Test of English as a Foreign Language

·   IELTS or International English Language Testing System

·   ACT or American College Testing

·   SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test

·   GRE or Graduate Record Examinations

·   PTE or Pearson Test of English

·   MCAT or Medical College Admission Test

Therefore, going abroad is not so easy. You have to strive really hard to meet your goals.

Importance Of IELTS

For the Indian students, the main hurdle comes from the English knowledge. If you do not belong to an English medium background, the path is going to be harder in a foreign land. Therefore, to enhance your skills, there are several mediums. Professional help is really important at such a point of time. IELTS is one such assessment where you have to give exams on your command over the English language. However, there is enough opportunity to improve your scores if you cannot go through at the first attempt.

Moreover, it may happen your marks are not up to the mark to make you eligible for a particular institute. Hence, it is definitely mandatory, especially if you are aspiring to study in UK. Apart from IELTS, some students also like to take other examinations. But this is the most popular examination among the students to try their luck abroad. With the partnership of the British Council, IELTS is an excellent medium to take your English test. Moreover, it is a personalized and well-developed learning area that boosts your confidence. You can also give the IELTS Australia and apply for the University of Cambridge or other notable institutions.

Countries Allowing Students Without IELTS

The countries for which IELTS is mandatory are as follows;-

· The United States of America

· The United Kingdom

· Australia

· New Zealand

· Canada

Moreover, to approve your visa immigration for the UK, this is the only authentic test. Thus, on passing this exam successfully, you will be eligible to apply for any university in and outside the UK. Match the number of the best overseas education consultant in Delhi to know about the exact procedure in full details.

However, you can skip this examination if you choose any other country, apart from the one mentioned above. The countries that still grant a visa of immigration are here.

· Germany

· Holland

· Some universities of Australia, Canada and even the UK and the USA

· Norway

One of the top-most universities that come on this list is The University of Queensland. But, to get admission without qualifying for IELTS, you must possess working experience in an English-speaking atmosphere. Similarly, many other universities like Macquarie University, University of South Australia, Bond University, etc. attach certain conditions. If you can fulfill the alternative criteria of these institutes, then IELTS is not a mandatory thing.

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