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Scholarship Demand Booms In Germany-DAAD

25.03.2021 | Ravleen Chawla

According to the German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD, Germany's scholarship programs are getting a massive response from the global students. Moreover, the approximate increase in the number of applications has been 70% this year. Don't you think it's tremendous progress in the academic records of the country? Thus, if you are also willing to study abroad, please contact the best UK consultants in Delhi. The experts will provide you information about all other countries too, and not just the UK. Diversify your search and join the reputed universities of Germany. The past trends show that the results are really commendable from all these German institutions.

Affording the studies in a foreign country can create a huge burden on International students. Furthermore, it becomes quite challenging to fulfill the dreams of a developing country like India. However, if you have a genuine financial crisis, there is the option of taking an education loan. Also, the students can apply for the abroad study scholarship. There are several opportunities that you can grab to make your career brighter.

Massive Enhancement In Applications

From the recent enhancement in demand for a stay in Germany, one thing is very clear now. It is a sign of the academic progress of the country, undoubtedly. Therefore, more consultants are suggesting the young aspirants apply for higher studies in Germany. Last year, more than 5000 applications came to the authorities in Germany for post-graduation courses. In fact, Germany is the home for many top universities in the world. Thus, to study in Germany for free, go through the attractive schemes of scholarships. The Government is also taking initiatives in promoting higher studies of international students.

DAAD scholarships are creating a massive place of interest among students from every part of this world. 2019 witnessed a drastic change in the behavior of the global aspirants. Furthermore, the international programs of DAAD are really quite interesting as well as highly beneficial for the students. Not only India, several students from Australia, Indonesia, and many more countries showed keen interest in studying in Germany. This is definitely an excellent thing for the country in all respects. Today's students are going to contribute to the economic development of the nation. Therefore, the Government has started taking initiatives to encourage the youth more.

Dangers Due To COVID-19

Everything was pretty simple before the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic. COVID-19 days were really tough for the students in different corners of this world. However, as per DAAD President Joybrato Mukherjee's statement, more candidates showed interest in staying in Germany during this period. Germany took all the precautions to stop the spread of corona virus. Moreover, it did not want to prevent the enthusiastic students from exchanging their thoughts with the fellow students.

Furthermore, recent reports are hinting towards a considerable increase of 70% for post-graduation programs' applications. Doctoral scholarships are getting high privileges worldwide. Hence, contact the best overseas education consultants in Delhi for UK. They will understand your need and determine the eligibility for the application. Moreover, you can get a thorough idea about the different advantages of the scholarships. After the pandemic, online classes are also available for foreign universities. It has been observed that India represented a major share of the doctoral scholarships in Germany.

Changes In The Curriculum

Although Germany was very much alert about the pandemic situation, yet it had to stop some courses for the time being. Moreover, they also temporarily discontinued some scholarships like that of the winter and summer seasons. The Government knew pretty well that this decision would leave a severe impact on several aspirants. However, it was indispensable in such a crisis period.

Furthermore, there was a complete stop on the traveling to different locations for lectures or seminars. Hence, the introduction of online lectures was inevitable. Everybody is hoping that normal classes will be resuming in 2021. Till the time, everything becomes normal again and the flights resume, the students have to attend online courses. The people who did not qualify for the tests last year can apply afresh this time. The institutes have extended the deadline for submitting the applications for the 2021 session.

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