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Goodbye, Lockdown: U.K. Opens To Hugs And Sleepovers From May 17

25.05.2021 | Ravleen Chawla

The terrific restrictions of the pandemic brought almost all the countries amidst a crisis. Just not hitting the finances, but also men lost their freedom to move. If you want to look at the scenario abroad, the study abroad consultant can give a better picture. As a result, the situation was really undesirable for the students. To break the chain of the deadly coronavirus, the Government decided to go for lockdown. 

This time, it was the second wave hitting the U.K. Therefore, people were again dealing with a locked life without any fun or entertainment. When you are a youngster, hugs and sleepovers are very common. However, nothing of that sort was possible in such a crucial time. Therefore, if you are an aspirant and wish to study in the U.K., you need to wait. Please keep an eye on the respective websites of the best study abroad consultants in Delhi to know the current situation. They can guide in every respect for studying abroad. We will deal here with the latest news, which can give you some relief. 

Welcome The New Normal

After an extensive period of lockdown, finally, the people of the U.K. will witness the new normal. Of course, the role of the masks, face shields, and sanitizers will remain the same. However, the lockdown period will be over soon. From the web pages of the best U.K. consultants in Delhi, this is evident at present. After a year, U.K. is going to face a new day.

Moreover, the people were eagerly waiting for the date of release. However, after the announcement of the date for ending the lockdown, some concerns are still prevailing. The Government will call off the lockdown from 17th May 2021, provided everything goes as per the plan. But the freedom will be subject to certain restrictions. 

From the following Monday onwards, there will be new rules to welcome the New Normal. The time to hug each other is again here. Therefore, if you are actually studying in any foreign institution now or have applied already, smile some more. The days of laughter will soon appear before you. However, before arriving at any conclusion, you need to know the final updates. Every best overseas education consultant in Delhi is getting queries regularly. They are also publishing the latest decision of the U.K. Government on their portals. Please check the same frequently for clarity. 

Declaration Of The New Rules

From the buzz in the U.K. air, it is clear that Monday, the 17th, is a very special day. It is going to bring people on the streets again. However, they can only come out in the group of 30 only. But a small flock of 6 people needs to stay indoors. Moreover, all the businesses will resume their normal activities, keeping the pandemic rules in mind. Overnight staying is also possible according to the new regulations. So, the friends' group and families are going to get back their good times. Although hugging is permitted, no one can ignore the safety protocols. Minimum face-to-face contact is still the need of the hours. Therefore, the Government expects that people will understand the crisis and will behave accordingly. Now, only time can say what the U.K. will face in the upcoming days. 

So, if the U.K. people plan to go for dates, here is the time to show creativity. Make it exceptional by doing something new at your meet-ups. The party spirit is obviously going to rise. That's why some pubs are already on their trial runs. 

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