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Achieving Academic Success In Germany

23.06.2021 | Ravleen Chawla

Germany is luring international students today, like no other destination. It is a great study abroad option for students. Many globally high-ranking universities are located in Germany. You can get assurance of a better future or work abroad options after your degree or certification. Today, it is amongst the most preferred destinations for students from all over the globe. The Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi will be able to make your path easy. 

Facilities For Students In Germany?

Today, higher education is costly. That poses a hindrance for students who do not have hefty bank balances. Therefore, students either look for loans or scholarships. Given the total number of foreign students vying for seats, it seems like a distant dream. The Tuition fees is quite less, compared to other foreign education destinations like the USA, UK, and Australia. Germany is the only foreign education destination that charges no tuition or relatively low tuition fees. The law was passed in 2014. Moreover, international students pay relatively low administrative charges. Public universities are tuition fee-free in Germany. You can get the abroad study scholarship with less effort.


There are almost 430 universities in Germany. Amongst them, as many as 100 universities rank globally. Students are all-praises about these universities. These universities are amongst the best and oldest in Europe. If you are a European living and studying in Germany, you are entitled to the EU or EFTA citizen’s free entry rights. If you are a non-European, you need a residency permit. Travel in the entire Schengen area with a visa-free residency permit. The Best overseas education consultants in Delhi for the UK can help you with the right information about study abroad opportunities in Germany. 

Academic Excellence And Work Abroad 

The best universities in Germany follow an international curriculum. Germany offers various international programs. German universities teach medicine, pharma, and engineering really well. The list is not inclusive. Newer domains are coming in, as well. Moreover, the universities offer world-recognized diplomas. Employers from around the world are partial to pass-outs from German universities. If you are unable to gather all the information about the best universities, call the best UK education consultants in Delhi. 

The best universities in Germany are Technische Universität München, Ludwig-Maximilians – Universität München, and Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin. Technische Universität München occupies first position on the list. It ranks 50th in the world. Founded in 1968, it operates through cutting-edge technology. You can learn about the top ten from the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. 

Many students need to work part-time to support accommodation and miscellaneous costs in Germany. Unlike the USA and the UK where there are a large number of restrictions, students have it easy. A student can work part-time for 120 full days, or up to 20 hours a week. More than 60 percent of foreign students work part-time in Germany. Many students and their parents will go through the web for such information. However, the decision remains elusive. For such students and their parents, the best UK consultants in Delhi are the last resort. 

A Study Abroad Consultant plays a decisive role when it comes to giving you the right information. Admissify is one of the top renowned consultants in India today. 

Miscellaneous Benefits For International Students

Apart from academic excellence, the place offers a lower cost of living. The cost of studying and living in Germany, are both low. The urban areas are a bit expensive than the interior ones, though. German university graduates are respected worldwide. Mastery over the language is also easy. It is relatively easier to learn than French and Russian. Germans are hospitable. Moreover, you will be learning in a multi-cultural community. That is surely a piece of good news for students looking towards Germany as a study abroad destination. You can get in touch with study abroad consultants in Delhi, for inquiries. 

If you want to get in touch with Admissify, do so at 011 – 41219999. They are renowned study abroad consultants Guwahati. They are also available on mail at To sum it up, Germany is the destination you were waiting to discover. It provides immense opportunities for all types of students, and for varied courses. The universities are also regarded as one of the best globally. Your work abroad dreams will be fulfilled at the end of the day. So, brace for the good times.